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As WiFi Specialists for over 16 years, when we say we guarantee to improve your WiFi coverage and performance, we mean it.
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Is this because:
Your current WiFi solution is clunky, slow, or not working as it should?
Your business is moving to a new building or office?
You're looking to extend your wireless network?
Or perhaps your physical environment is complex or challenging?

Good news! You're in the right place.

Our comprehensive WiFi Surveys are guaranteed to help you achieve fast, reliable WiFi that you don't have to worry about; because it just works.

What is a WiFi Survey?

A WiFi Survey is effectively a blueprint that enables you to build the core foundations of a robust and reliable wireless network.

We use our specialised Ekahau WiFi analysis equipment to reveal areas where your staff could encounter connectivity issues - such as signal interference or dead spots - and provide you with recommendations on how best to configure, deploy and optimise your WiFi network for maximum performance.

By conducting a wireless network survey, you can obtain the key information you need to achieve a strong and consistent connection across your entire organisation.
What Are The Benefits of a WiFi Survey?

Key benefits of conducting a WiFi survey for your organisation

Reduce Costs

A WiFi Survey allows you to properly plan the placement of wireless access points, minimising unnecessary hardware. This targeted approach will allow you to optimise wireless coverage, while maximising your return on investment, and reduce your support overheads too.

Reduce Downtime

By identifying and addressing areas with poor signal strength or interference, a wireless site survey helps you build a more reliable and stable network. This minimises downtime caused by connectivity issues, leading to increased operational efficiency and productivity gains for your staff.

Optimise Bandwidth Allocation

Understanding how your wireless network is being used enables you to optimise bandwidth allocation and your network QoS (Quality of Service) configuration. This ensures that critical applications receive the necessary resources, preventing congestion and latency issues. The result? Improved network performance where you need it most.

Enhance Security

WiFi Surveys also help you to identify and remedy potential security vulnerabilities, so you can protect your business against breaches that could cause organisation-wide disruption.
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Why We're The Best For WiFi Surveys

Specialists in WiFi for over 16 years

Whether it's deploying WiFi across offshore wind farms, supporting busy sites such as London's Kings Cross, or helping small businesses to achieve better connectivity, when it comes to WiFi, we really do know our stuff.

In-house Expertise

When you choose Haptic Networks to conduct your WiFi Survey, you can be confident that what you see is truly what you get. We don't outsource our knowledge, projects or WiFi consultants, and we utilise the very best WiFi analysis equipment, to give you clear and relevant advice.

Fast turnaround with guaranteed results

We know how hectic and busy the workloads of our customers can be, especially when your WiFi isn't up to scratch. You want to achieve better WiFi, and we want to help you get there quickly. So our WiFi surveys are conducted with this in mind: our consulants will thoroughly analyse your site while minimising impact, and you'll be given clear timelines so you know exactly when to expect the findings of your survey.

Friendly, down to earth service - salesy fluff talk not included

From your first call to us through to your handover session, our team are here to answer any queries you may have, big or small. We don't use switchboards or call centres. When you need us, you'll get to speak directly with friendly, helpful humans that know a thing or two about great WiFi.
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Flexible WiFi Survey options to suit your business needs

Troubleshooting Assessment

GREAT FOR: Identifying current WiFi issues, improving current network performance.

Conducted on-site
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Troubleshooting Assessment

If you’ve got ongoing WiFi problems that are driving you in circles, our Troubleshooting Assessment will help you get to the bottom of things. We’ll scan your environment using our Ekahau Sidekick 2 WiFi analyser and provide you with a report that highlights exactly what needs to be fixed, so your organisation can achieve reliable WiFi as quickly as possible.

Remote Survey

Estimating costs and network design for new buildings, convenience.

Conducted remotely
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Remote Survey

Also known as a Predictive Survey, we’ll use your floorplans to indicate what WiFi equipment you’ll need and where to place your access points to achieve a consistent quality connection across your site. However, as this survey is conducted remotely, we won’t be able to identify interference or problems with cable routes and mounting locations.

Design Survey

GREAT FOR: Gathering accurate data for new network designs, identifying potential interference.

Conducted on-site
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Design Survey

Reliable WiFi starts with a reliable design, and our most comprehensive survey is designed to give you all the insights you need to build your WiFi network right the first time. Our WiFi specialists will thoroughly examine your site to gather precise data on where you could experience signal loss, interference and congestion. You can then use these insights to accurately inform how your network needs to be designed.

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Submit Your Details - The 1st Hour

Once you've submitted your details, we'll typically respond to your query within one hour.

Additional Details - How Fast Can You Be?

We'll need a few bits of information to allow us to conduct your WiFi survey, such as floorplans & details about how your users interact with your WiFi.

Will You Say Yes? The Proposal - 48 Hours

From this, we'll then put together a proposal for you and aim to have this in your hands within 48 hours.

Name a Date

If that looks good, we'll schedule your WiFi survey to take place on a day and time that's convenient for you.

The Final Countdown

Once your WiFi survey has been completed, our consultants will review the findings and create a bespoke report. This will then be reviewed with you on a handover call where we will answer any questions you may have.
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