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Take the guesswork out of migrating to the Cloud with the support of our Cloud Specialists.

Moving your organisation to a new Cloud environment may at first feel like a big challenge to overcome. However, when you’ve got the right team behind you, the process quickly becomes a lot less daunting.

We’ve been providing comprehensive Cloud services to companies across the UK for over 16 years, so when it comes to Cloud Migrations, we can help you get the strategy right first time. Whether you need to move your data and workloads from one solution to another, or you’re taking your first steps into a new Cloud environment, our team of Cloud Specialists can support you.
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Our Cloud & App Migration services are designed to make Cloud transitions pain-free, regardless of your scenario.

As Cloud Specialists, we know that performing a seamless Cloud migration requires the right planning, communication and support to succeed. So no matter the size of users, apps or data you need transferring, we’ll work with you to develop a comprehensive migration strategy and execution plan that’s tailored to your specific business needs.

Once we’ve got a clear understanding of what you want to achieve with your Cloud Migration and you’ve selected the Cloud platform you want to move to, our team will clearly define the stages, milestones and timelines that will need to be carried out for your specific project. And to ensure everything goes smoothly, we’ll work closely with you to ensure any risks of disruption to your operations are mitigated.

On top of this, once your users, apps and data have been migrated successfully, we can provide ongoing support to help your organisation to monitor and adopt your new Cloud solutions.
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How we can help you to enjoy a smooth transition to a new Cloud environment

At Haptic Networks, we offer end-to-end Cloud & App Migration services, from planning, to execution, and supporting you beyond. Depending on your organisation’s specific needs, we can assist you with:

Google Services

As a Google Partner we're clued up in all of Google's services. Whether it's for business or education, we've got the know-how to bring Google Workspace into your environment and help your users to fully adopt Google’s transformative solutions.

Cloud Migration strategy planning & execution

Domain & surrogate subdomain creation

User provisioning

Licence migration

Data & Workloads migration

Pre-migration testing

Domain merging

Ongoing support

User Training & Adoption

Public & Private Cloud Migration

Specialists with both Microsoft and Google Cloud operations.

Making the move from Microsoft Azure to Google Cloud, or vice versa? Maybe you’re looking to take a hybrid approach? Regardless of what platform you’re looking to transition to, our team of Cloud Specialists have experience across a whole range of Cloud platforms. We’ve been trusted partners with both Microsoft and Google for several years, so you can be confident that when the time comes and you’re ready to make the switch, we’ll be ready and waiting to help.
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Seamlessly migrate your workloads to the Cloud with the help of our friendly team.

Contact us today to discuss how we can help you migrate to a Cloud environment that supports the growth of your organisation.

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