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Get true storage freedom with TrueNAS

TrueNAS is the world’s most popular software-defined storage operating system. With robust features built on the enterprise-grade OpenZFS file system, TrueNAS offers unparalleled performance and reliability for organisations that need to guarantee the safety and integrity of their data.

For over 20 years, iXsystems has been the only name worth mentioning when it comes to open-source storage and servers, and this still rings true today. Since the transition of FreeNAS® into TrueNAS CORE, iXsystems has continued to work closely with the open-source community to continuously improve its lineup. Now, with TrueNAS Enterprise and TrueNAS Scale, organisations of all shapes and sizes can take advantage of the very best in network-attached storage, and all at a highly competitive price point.
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Haptic Networks are one of the UK’s leading iXsystems partners.

For many years, we’ve seen the incredible value that TrueNAS offers through its wide range of storage solutions, which is why we were proud to become one of the UK’s first iXsystems TruePARTNER Preferred Resellers. Through our close partnership, we’ve worked with iXsystems to provide robust, reliable storage to UK businesses, educators, publishing houses and even aerospace companies.

Plus, as one of the UK’s only authorised iXsystems partners, we’re able to offer professional consultancy, support and installation services at incredibly competitive rates. So whether you only need a couple of TrueNAS Minis, or a high-end mission-critical storage array, we can deliver it for you.

What makes TrueNAS truly different...

Unified Storage

Effortlessly access multiple files using a variety of block, file, and object protocols. Streamline your storage needs by reducing the number of required storage arrays, and build your own private cloud to avoid the high costs of public cloud storage services.
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Lightning-Fast Performance

TrueNAS utilises TrueCache™ technology to blend DRAM, non-volatile flash, and high-density spinning disks, resulting in a flash-accelerated architecture. TrueCache's advanced algorithms ensure your data is stored on the fastest available media, delivering exceptional speed and efficiency.
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Open Source Flexibility

iXsystems provides customisable, tiered support to meet your organisation’s specific requirements. Our expert support ensures a smooth storage deployment, so you won’t need to scramble for expensive services or additional hardware.
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Enterprise-Grade Support

Our tiered support services are designed to cater to your unique business needs, facilitating a seamless storage deployment process. Avoid costly last-minute solutions with iXsystems’ comprehensive support.
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Unmatched Availability

TrueNAS guarantees high availability, ensuring your data is always accessible and meeting almost any storage requirement. Experience reduced total cost of ownership (TCO) with enterprise-grade storage arrays, eliminating downtime and maximising productivity.
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OpenZFS makes enterprise-grade data protection available to everyone.

TrueNAS makes it easier than ever to take advantage of the Zettabyte File System (ZFS™). By ensuring every piece of data read from storage is exactly as it was written, ZFS actively verifies the accuracy of your data and can rectify issues before corruption can take hold. When combined with TrueNAS’ powerful yet easy to use Web UI, you can be safe in the knowledge that your data is as secure and protected as possible.

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