WiFi for Schools

Transform your school’s WiFi for good. Get in touch with us to learn how we can provide your students and educators with a seamless WiFi experience that enhances the teaching & learning experience.
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WiFi for Schools

There’s no escaping the fact that technology is now playing a vital part in helping educators to deliver richer learning experiences. Devices in classrooms are increasing to give children equal access to tech. Cloud solutions like Google Workspace and Office 365 have provided teachers with the essential tools they need to keep students engaged. And yet, there’s still one persistent obstacle that we see many schools, academies, and educational trusts in the UK struggling with:

Tired, slow, and outdated WiFi.

With budgets to stretch and priorities constantly changing, it can be easy to overlook the health of your school’s network. After all, when your WiFi is working as it should, you hardly notice it’s there at all. But when things stop working, it’s impossible to ignore.
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WiFi Challenges in Education

Is your school being held back by slow, poorly optimised WiFi? If so, you might already be encountering:

Google Services

As a Google Partner we're clued up in all of Google's services. Whether it's for business or education, we've got the know-how to bring Google Workspace into your environment and help your users to fully adopt Google’s transformative solutions.

Disrupted Learning

Frequent network outages that interrupt lessons, examinations, and digital coursework.

Inadequate Connectivity

Sluggish internet speeds hindering teachers, support staff and students.
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Data Security Compliance Issues

Security flaws in your WiFi could lead to the exposure of sensitive student and staff data.

Intermittent Access

Poor signal coverage can prevent your school from enjoying a consistent, dependable WiFi connection.
If your school is keen to improve connectivity, we can provide the consultancy and support you need to help your institution take advantage of the latest teaching & learning solutions.

Everything We Can Do to Transform Your School’s WiFi

We understand all too well the importance of implementing and maintaining a reliable WiFi network for your school. Since we started things way back in 2007, we’ve developed a range of services to address these challenges and transform your school.

Network Design

No two schools are alike, and neither are their networks. Whether your school buildings are new or old, we’ll work with you to build a tailored WiFi network design that maximises coverage and performance. With the support of our friendly team of specialists, you can ensure a seamless, uninterrupted learning experience for your school, academy or educational trust.

Wireless Surveying

Creating a solid WiFi network starts with knowing your environment. Our Wireless Surveys can help you to identify connectivity gaps and potential obstacles in your network which can then inform the right design choices. With a thorough assessment of your premises, we can help you to ensure every corner enjoys reliable coverage.

WiFi Audits

Our WiFi Audit service is your key to a more secure and reliable network. If your school isn’t currently looking to refresh things, we can assess your existing WiFi infrastructure and provide recommendations to help you get the most out of what you currently have.

Managed WiFi

Our Managed WiFi services take the burden of network management off your internal IT team’s shoulders. We can proactively maintain and monitor your network, ensuring it runs smoothly even on the busiest school days. This allows your institution to focus on delivering quality education, while we keep your WiFi performing at its best.

Guest Access WiFi

Enhance your school's hospitality with Guest Access WiFi. We can assist you with providing a seamless, secure, and branded connection for visitors and guests, converting them into advocates for your institution. Welcome them with an inviting and reliable WiFi experience.


Even if your school’s WiFi is already in great shape, the best networks can still encounter occasional hiccups. If you need support with a particularly tricky WiFi issue, or a few niggling gremlins to take care of, our team is ready to help you minimise downtime and get your network back to normal.

Ongoing WiFi Support

If you require regular assistance with your inquiries and concerns, we can provide a range of support options so you can receive the guidance you need, when you need it most.

Switch-On Services (SOS)

Our Switch-On Services (SOS) ensure rapid WiFi deployment. Once your network has been designed, validated and selected, we can preconfigure everything to ensure a smooth and hassle-free deployment of your school’s new WiFi network.

Connect the Classroom Funding (Review & Support)

If your school has yet to take advantage of the UK Government’s Connect the Classroom scheme, we can help you get things moving. We offer specialised support to help you understand whether your school is eligible for funding. And if it is, we can provide a network design and quotation that meets the scheme’s requirements, so your school can enjoy a WiFi network that stands up to the latest demands in education.

In Need of WiFi Support for your School?

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