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Our Phishing Simulation & Training solution helps you to reduce the risk - and cost - of human error.

Let’s face it, most of us have probably clicked a dodgy link in an email that we didn’t mean to at some point in our lives. Chances are, this probably led to you having to change a password or two at most to keep your details protected.

No big deal…right? Well when it comes to protecting your organisation from threats, things can quickly spiral out of control if you’re not prepared.

No matter how strong your cyber security protection may be, when you employ humans, there’s always a chance that they’re going to make a mistake and open or click on a dangerous link. In fact, around 90% of security breaches are caused by human error.

However, while we definitely wouldn’t advocate for you to go full Skynet and replace all your employees with AI, there’s something you can do that’s much smarter (and cheaper):

Train your staff to become your biggest defensive asset.

What is Phishing Simulation & Training?

The best way to learn is by doing, and when it comes to spotting suspicious emails, there’s nothing more effective than regularly putting your users to the test. This is exactly what our Phishing Simulation solution allows you to do: deliver engaging security awareness training, followed up by simulated phishing campaigns that encourage your staff to apply what they’ve learned.
Engaging Training Materials

Training is provided to your staff through easy to follow animated video lessons and quizzes. You can choose from a range of topics and pick the ones that are most relevant to the security awareness training you want to deliver. Then as your users complete the courses, you’ll receive automatic reports that make it easy for you to see who gets it, and who needs some extra help.
Simple to execute simulated phishing campaigns

As for testing your staff on the fly, our Phishing Simulation solution lets you create fully customisable phishing emails, sender email addresses and attachments that mimic the types of threats your organisation may face on a daily basis. This allows you to keep your users on their toes while increasing the effectiveness of your training. And best of all, you can schedule training and phishing simulations up to a year in advance to make managing security awareness training a breeze.

Our Phishing Simulation & Training solution is also included in the ‘Better’ tier of our Dark Web Monitoring service.

Learn More About Dark Web Monitoring

Why you should be training your staff to protect themselves against phishing attacks:

Google Services

As a Google Partner we're clued up in all of Google's services. Whether it's for business or education, we've got the know-how to bring Google Workspace into your environment and help your users to fully adopt Google’s transformative solutions.

Reduce security incidents

Conducting effective cyber security awareness training can reduce security-related risks by 70%, protecting your organisation from the costs of dealing with security breaches.

Encourage accountability

Teach your employees to be on their guard if anyone asks for login details or sensitive information, while encouraging them to report identified threats.

Maintain security compliance

Delivering security awareness training helps you to maintain compliance with industry regulations for cyber security, as well as meet the requirements for obtaining cyber liability insurance.
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Increase digital confidence

Protecting yourself against cyber threats goes beyond the workplace. By training your users, you’ll be helping to create a culture of security-conscious individuals that can defend themselves from phishing attacks - no matter when or where criminals strike.

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Mark Field
Mark Field
Great to work with Haptic on our first big project. They could not have been more helpful and will definitely be using again. Seriously great people and all done on time and to plan. Very pleased indeed. Well done guys!
simon bartley
simon bartley
Excellent company to work with, would recommend.
Percy New
Percy New
I have worked with Haptic Networks for the last 2-3 years, from a google specialist, to supplier and to now a network redesign. They have been an amazing company to rely on for any queries. Massive thank you to Kenya who has been one of the best account managers I have dealt with.
Aled Roberts-Read
Aled Roberts-Read
Haptic Networks delivered Oswestry School a Googe Voice Phone system. This has allowed the school to become flexible regarding telephone calls. The mobile/PC app functionality allows calls to be taken off-site while reducing the need for Desk phones on-site. Additionally, they have provided the school with a cloud-based monitoring system (securly), allowing us to conform with the DFE's online safety policies. They also supplied the school with a "Dark Web" monitoring tool free of charge. Overall an excellent company to deal with excellent sales and technical support methods to its customers.
Sam Arnup
Sam Arnup
The team at Haptic are a joy to work with. They are always extremely knowledgeable, responsive and always go the extra mile for their partners. A special shout out of appreciation to Martyn - who makes it an all round pleasure to work with him and the Haptic Team.
Daniel Mabbott
Daniel Mabbott
I'm not one to usually write reviews but Haptic are truly deserving of one! They're a knowledgeable, down to earth bunch who are always happy to help - no matter how big or small the issue/query may be. A big shout-out (and sorry!) goes to Kenya too - who we're constantly bothering with emails and calls!
Michael Gurney
Michael Gurney
Amazing A+++ we have been working with Haptic Networks for sometime and speaking to Kerri she has always been great, very helpful, understanding and is very knowledgeable. Highly Recommended :)
Ben L
Ben L
Haptic networks have assisted in my IT queries and purchases to a very high standard where they go above and beyond, I highly recommend them and their super friendly staff.
Laura Chadwick
Laura Chadwick
A truly innovative , forward thinking business. Joe is an absolute pleasure to work with.