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Effective and down to earth Office 365 & Google Workspace productivity training for your users. Contact our friendly team to discuss your training needs.
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Put productivity first with our User Training & Adoption services.

Introducing a new productivity solution such as Microsoft 365 or Google Workspace can help your organisation in all kinds of ways, from improving communication to streamlining your internal processes. However, this only happens if your users know how to use the tools at their disposal effectively.

No matter how comprehensive your productivity suites may be, if your users haven’t been given the right training to get the most out of the solution, you may start wondering whether it was worth the investment in the first place.

However, we’re here to tell you this: we get it, and we’re ready to help. Conducting user training can be a time-consuming pain, and it needs to be delivered effectively to ensure your staff adopt the features and tools that you know will help your organisation thrive. That’s where our team of Cloud Specialists come in.

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Our User Training & Adoption services help you get more out of Office 365 and Google Workspace.

No matter how tech-savvy your users may be, our team can provide personalised training and solution adoption services that help your organisation to work, communicate and collaborate more effectively.

Our training programmes can be tailored to beginners and more advanced users alike, with the aim of building a learning process that’s easy to follow, down to earth, and friendly - fostering a supportive learning environment for all.

So whether you're navigating the vast capabilities of Microsoft Office 365, harnessing the collaborative power of Google Workspace, or seamlessly integrating both solutions, our team of Cloud Specialists are here to support you every step of the way.
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How we deliver effective Solution Adoption Training

When it comes to training, we believe that the user should always be at the heart of any effective solution adoption plan. Any form of professional development is an ongoing journey, especially IT skills, so we take a tailored approach to training to help your staff thoroughly understand your tools, and feel confident to apply them in practice.

Our typical training process follows three main phases:


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We’ll learn about the specific challenges, needs and level of knowledge your users have with Office 365 and Google Workspace. This is gathered through short feedback questionnaires, interviews, and the deployment of usage monitoring tools.

We’ll then provide you with a report that highlights our recommendations for how to best focus your training, including grouping users based on their current confidence and knowledge levels.


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Our team will tailor your user training sessions to specifically address their challenges, while meeting your training objectives. Our sessions are delivered with a high level of interactivity to teach your users how to get the most out of the features and functionality of Office 365 and Google Workspace.

Depending on your organisation’s needs, training can be delivered in short or long sessions, and spaced out across a number of weeks.


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Unlike other IT training providers, we know that the work doesn’t stop after the final lesson. Once your training has been delivered by our team, we’ll continue to monitor the progress of your users and provide monthly reports to help you understand how well your staff are adopting their productivity tools. In addition, we’ll also arrange regular strategy meetings to discuss the data and ensure the momentum of your training is maintained.

With these regular touchpoints and insights, you can accurately assess the success of your solution, and better understand how to help your users work smarter, not harder.

Friendly & comprehensive Training services for your users, delivered by our in-house Specialists

Our team can cover a wide range of features and productivity tools available within Microsoft Office 365 and Google Workspace, including but not limited to:

Google Services

As a Google Partner we're clued up in all of Google's services. Whether it's for business or education, we've got the know-how to bring Google Workspace into your environment and help your users to fully adopt Google’s transformative solutions.

Email & calendar management (Gmail, Outlook)

Document creation & collaboration

File storage & sharing best practices (Google Drive, OneDrive)

Spreadsheet skills & data analysis

Presentation design & delivery

Task & project management tools

Communication & collaboration tools, (Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, Google Chat)

Sector-specific tools (e.g. Google Workspace for Education)

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