May 25, 2018
Haptic Networks
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WiFi4EU - 120m Euro budget Public Sector WiFi scheme

The European Commission recently announced its WiFi4EU  scheme to promote free WiFi connectivity for open areas, parks, libraries, museums and many other public buildings and spaces across Europe.

As a trusted expert in the deployment of Public area/Public access WiFi solutions Haptic Networks are also an approved partner of the scheme. Public Sector bodies and Local Authorities can use the funding to develop and promote their own digital services through a dedicated app. The WiFi4EU - Public Sector WiFi scheme to harness 120m Euro budget is now open. All selected municipalities will receive a 15,000 Euro voucher, this will cover the installation costs of the WiFi equipment in their chosen centres.

For more information on this incentive, feel free to contact us here or alternatively see more about WiFi4EU on our partner Ruckus Wireless' page by clicking here.

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