February 7, 2019
Haptic Networks
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What WIFI Management System is Best for Your Business: On-Premises or Cloud-Based WLAN?

Businesses considering WIFI and WLAN deployment have two options to choose from, on-premises WLAN or cloud-based WLAN. Both methods possess traits that could make either one a better choice for specific businesses – depending on operational needs.

Below, we’ll be examining the pros and cons of both WLAN solutions:

The Best Budgetary Fit

When it comes to on-premises WLAN, a company is responsible for every single machination and element involved in software deployment. They are going to be on the hook for the following ongoing costs:

  • Power consumption
  • Server hardware
  • Space
  • Customisations costs
  • Upgrade costs

Unfortunately, this means little flexibility with expenses. Even if WIFI and WLAN aren’t abundantly consumed, businesses are still on the hook for a litany of costs.

Conversely, the cost of cloud-based WLAN adjusts along with the amount of usage, without the upkeep expenses.

Keeping Safe and Secure

In the government and banking industries, security is paramount because they are handling hyper-sensitive information.

Traditionally, on-premises WLAN has been the choice for businesses where privacy and security is a top concern, largely due to company control and customisation. However, cloud-based WIFI services are implementing the latest in wireless security infrastructure that continuously adapts to the various threats posed in today’s climate.

Server Reliability and Maintenance

On-premises systems do have the benefit of immediacy when it comes to system checks since everything is managed in-house.

However, there is somewhat of a misconception that since cloud-based services are handled by a third-party, there are extended waiting periods for maintenance and repairs. The truth is, disruptions are rare with cloud-based services and the technology is highly adaptable, leading to prompt recovery times.

How Seamless Are Updates?

When it comes to on-premises WIFI and WLAN upgrades, it’s a clunky, time-consuming process because each and every device has to be updated manually by each respective employee.

With cloud-based WIFI and WLAN, updates are implemented automatically. The process isn’t at all time-consuming and is generally hassle-free.  

The Ease of Scalability

It’s difficult to effectively scale with on-premises WIFI and WLAN. Since it’s catered specifically to one business, there aren’t many integration options. Additionally, server capacity becomes an issue with the implementation of new services because they’re provided in-house.

Comparatively, cloud-based WIFI makes it easy to add or reduce the number of users, integrates seamlessly with other cloud-based offerings, and server capacity doesn’t matter because extra services are offered by the provider.

Want to find out more about implementing cloud-based WLAN and WIFI systems? Contact us today for a free consultation!

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