June 8, 2021
Joe Aucott
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Lego Star Wars Giveaway - Mid Year 2021

The AT-AT, The Child, Boba's Helmet....oh sweet envy.

Well we almost made it 6 months without giving more stuff away.

We'd like to say we're doing this because we love you all, the sad fact of the matter is that we've ran out of room to display any more Lego here. So there.

In this Month’s draw we have the AT-AT (Set 75288) Grogu aka The Child (Set 75318) and Boba Fett's helmet (Set 75277)

The prize draw for the AT-AT and The Child free to enter, no purchase necessary. The draw will take place June 30th

To enter click this link

For a chance to win Boba Fett's helmet, follow our LinkedIn Page here

Yes we know, it's a shameless 'likebaiting' exercise but what did you expect? Lego isn't cheap.

Good luck!

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