June 16, 2020
Joe Aucott
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How DfE funding is helping schools

Since the Department for Education began authorising funding for schools to enable cloud learning, we've been asked what the funding can help with. Here's more on why schools should embrace a Google Learning environment and utilise the DFE funding pool.

Teach Remotely using Google Meet

Video calls within Google Classroom with pupils, keeping the teacher in control of the room 

Video call with up to 250 staff members from a Chrome browser 

Use Google Chat to send private messages to staff or create group conversations

Assign work using Google Classroom

Handout work digitally using Google Classroom assignments and grade them in the same place

Utilising existing resources such as word docs and pdfs that are already in your Google Drive 

Ask questions within the Class and differentiate learning resources between specific students quickly and easily 

Store it all in Google Drive 

Completely unlimited cloud storage for each user 

Can store anything from pdf up to large media format video projects 

Links directly to others apps in G Suite and other apps you may use already 

Self Marking Assessment using Google Forms

Create easy surveys and quizzes within Google forms and distribute them through Google Classroom

Create your answer keys so the quiz can mark itself with multiple question formats available 

Analyse results quickly with Google forms directly integrating data collection into Google Sheets

Preserve Student Safety 

Google Admin console allows you to control what parts of GSuite students experience while logged into a school account 

Google Meet can allow a teacher to record all calls so you have an audit trail in case of safeguarding concerns 

Google Vault and Google Drive provide the ability to search and export data on a user basis to help understand interactions that happened with GSuite applications

So there you have it, a very brief rundown of some of the outcomes you can expect if you harness the funding available to partner with Haptic Networks. We guide you through the set up process, we can even offer your school ongoing support to help during lockdown. Contact us here for more info

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