Aylesbury High School

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Aylesbury High School

Aylesbury High School is a Secondary and Sixth-Form school based in Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire.

With around 1300 students, the school has been with us as a customer since 2016. Over their time with us, Aylesbury High has developed their use of Google’s education solutions to fully transform their teaching and learning environment.

When we first began working with Aylesbury High, the school was already actively using Google Classroom. The solution had already made things much simpler and easier for students and staff; connecting subjects by encouraging teachers to collaborate, streamlining communication between departments, and creating new ways for students to engage during class.

However, Aylesbury were on the lookout for a confident technology partner that could help them grow what they were doing with their Google learning environment, in the hopes of becoming a Google Reference School - recognised internationally for their outstanding use of technology to drive positive learning outcomes.

In order to achieve this, the school would need to embark on a journey to provide equal access to technology for their students by implementing a 1:1 device scheme.

The idea of a 1:1 scheme is simple: one secure, standardised device is provided for every student to help enhance their learning, both in school and at home, and parents contribute to the cost of their child’s device to aid the school. However, running a 1:1 scheme requires the right resources and support in order for the scheme to succeed.

Leading the adoption of Google’s solutions within the school was Aylesbury High’s Deputy Headteacher Caroline Wilkes. Having initially ran a successful pilot scheme by providing Chromebooks to around 60 students, Caroline wanted to expand the programme to cover the entire school. But she would need the right help and support to successfully achieve this.


Linking with Haptic was invaluable to us at AHS when we first decided to explore a 1:1 scheme at school. They gave us so much advice, right from the outset, and talked us through everything we needed to consider, from our network setup to the devices themselves.

They then helped us with our roll out, attending parent information evenings, advising us on the set up of Google Admin, coming into school to help us on day 1, and then even running workshops for our students in the couple of years that followed.

We would not have had nearly such a successful programme if it hadn't been for the support of Haptic.

Caroline Wilkes
Deputy Headteacher

How We Helped

After approaching a few vendors for recommendations, the school took advice from ASUS to meet with our team, due to the strong relationship we’d built up with ASUS over the years.

Just like how we work with all of our customers, we were open and honest about the various technical considerations that come with launching a 1:1 scheme.

We consulted with the school’s IT team to ensure their network was ready to cope with the increase in security and performance demands that come with introducing a large number of new devices into their network. As well as this, we supported the school with ensuring they could effectively adopt Chromebooks by providing consultancy around device optimisation and management best practices.

In addition, we helped Aylesbury to take into account the social considerations of launching the scheme, engaging their parent community through interactive parents evening sessions to help them understand the true value that Chromebook devices could bring to enhancing their children’s learning.

Leaving no stone unturned, we even helped Caroline to coordinate the financial management aspect of parent payments by introducing the school to our financial services partner Edde.

When it came to deploying devices, Aylesbury High took advantage of our Switch-On Service, meaning that when their Chromebooks arrived in classes, they were pre-configured and ready to go straight out of the box. Our team was also present onsite to support on device rollout day, acting as a technical resource to ensure a smooth and successful launch. 


Following this, we also handed over this knowledge when the school was comfortable and fully up and running with their 1:1 programme.

Results & Benefits

Students say devices enhance their learning - In a school-wide survey, over 80% of KS3 to KS5 students agreed that having a device in lessons enhanced their learning.
Improved school adaptability for remote learning - During the COVID-19 pandemic, the school found 1:1 devices proved to be invaluable in limiting disruption to learning, allowing students to learn from home while maintaining device management through Google Workspace.
1:1 schemes bolster security - Standardising device inventory and management increases accountability on individuals, reducing the number of rogue devices present on the network.
Positive community impact - Aylesbury’s 1:1 Scheme helped to bring parents closer to teaching and learning happening in the school without much change needed from SLT. This was further demonstrated during lockdown when Aylesbury could continue without disruption or any additional training needed for students.


In the years that followed, in collaboration with ASUS we also helped the school to host Google Learning Festivals - aimed at students and schools that feed Aylesbury to help incoming pupils learn how to use Chromebooks.

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Percy New
Percy New
I have worked with Haptic Networks for the last 2-3 years, from a google specialist, to supplier and to now a network redesign. They have been an amazing company to rely on for any queries. Massive thank you to Kenya who has been one of the best account managers I have dealt with.
Aled Roberts-Read
Aled Roberts-Read
Haptic Networks delivered Oswestry School a Googe Voice Phone system. This has allowed the school to become flexible regarding telephone calls. The mobile/PC app functionality allows calls to be taken off-site while reducing the need for Desk phones on-site. Additionally, they have provided the school with a cloud-based monitoring system (securly), allowing us to conform with the DFE's online safety policies. They also supplied the school with a "Dark Web" monitoring tool free of charge. Overall an excellent company to deal with excellent sales and technical support methods to its customers.
Sam Arnup
Sam Arnup
The team at Haptic are a joy to work with. They are always extremely knowledgeable, responsive and always go the extra mile for their partners. A special shout out of appreciation to Martyn - who makes it an all round pleasure to work with him and the Haptic Team.
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Daniel Mabbott
I'm not one to usually write reviews but Haptic are truly deserving of one! They're a knowledgeable, down to earth bunch who are always happy to help - no matter how big or small the issue/query may be. A big shout-out (and sorry!) goes to Kenya too - who we're constantly bothering with emails and calls!
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Michael Gurney
Amazing A+++ we have been working with Haptic Networks for sometime and speaking to Kerri she has always been great, very helpful, understanding and is very knowledgeable. Highly Recommended :)
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Ben L
Haptic networks have assisted in my IT queries and purchases to a very high standard where they go above and beyond, I highly recommend them and their super friendly staff.
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Laura Chadwick
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Penny Tyler
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