IT Support, WiFi and Cloud Solutions for Business and Education

Selecting the right managed IT services partner and solutions can be a challenge for any business or school. With seemingly endless services and solutions available, and IT companies in every town in the UK, making the right choice can feel overwhelming.

Whether you’re looking for IT support, WiFi services, Cloud solutions, or Google services, we can provide our expertise to design and deploy solutions that work for you. We'll monitor your services throughout and work with you to ensure your IT services grow with you.

At Haptic, our focus is on a customer-centric attitude and empathy towards the fast-paced and often hectic workloads of our clients.
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IT Support

It’s no secret that businesses, both small and large, require expert IT support to keep their operations running smoothly. However, many businesses are unsure of where to turn for quality managed IT services.

Here at Haptic Networks, we can provide you with all the IT support you need to keep your business running smoothly. From computing and networking assistance to software and hardware troubleshooting, we can support your requirements.
Explore IT Support Services

Google Workspace Support

Google provides a comprehensive suite of services to help your business succeed. Google Workspace, which includes Google Apps such as Google Voice, Google Drive and beyond, we can provide the tools and support you need to keep your business or educational institution running smoothly.

Let us show you how Google services can benefit your organisation.

Network Solutions

There are a few things to consider when looking for network solutions for your business. From small offices to enterprise-sized solutions, we can assist you in selecting and installing the best WiFi solutions for your business or educational institution.

As experts in WiFi solutions, your network security is also our number one priority, so we'll also ensure that any existing or new networks are protected and secure.

Cloud Solutions

Cloud computing is one of the latest and most popular technologies that businesses and education are adopting. Cloud computing is a type of computing where data and applications are hosted on remote servers instead of on local devices.

We know it can sound overwhelming, risky, and expensive, but we're here to show you how it doesn't need to be any of those things.

Network & Cyber Security

In the digital age that we are operating in, network security & cyber security have never been more important.

The risks of data breaches not only carry huge customer and reputational implications, but they also come with massive financial penalties.

We've been providing cutting-edge network & cyber security solutions for over 10 years, so you can sleep easy knowing you're in safe hands.
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