Marston’s PLC

With over 2000 locations across the UK, Marston's wanted to better leverage Wi-Fi to improve customer experience and increase efficiency

The client

Marston’s is one of the UK’s most well known breweries with thousands of Pubs across the country.

From traditional ‘locals’ to family restaurants there’s not many towns in Britain that aren’t home to a Marston’s establishment.

The Issue at Hand

Pubs, restaurants and retail outlets of all kinds are looking for new ways to attract customers, keep customers more engaged and utilise Wi-Fi analytics that could provide insight into innovative new services.

Marston’s approached Haptic and explained the requirements of the project and together we developed our strategy.

How we Helped

It all began with an initial site survey of Birmingham’s incredibly popular Pitcher and Piano bar. Installing a proof of concept for this site in order to showcase the abilities of Ruckus WiFi. This trial was for both guest access and also table service systems for staff using Wi-Fi-enabled tablets to take orders.

To improve service efficiency and guest user experience, Haptic deployed Ruckus ZoneFlex dual-band Smart Wi-Fi access points (APs) both indoors and outdoors.

Our range of Smart Wi-Fi products support line of business applications such as in-store electronic point-of-sale (EPOS) systems that staff access using tablet devices to provide a more flexible way to take orders, settle bills and provide a greater level of service.

The trial period ran smoothly and Rob immediately saw the benefits of using Ruckus. It meant both fast reliable WiFi for customers and a solid backbone for Marston’s EPOS system. Previously Marston’s had installed in its pubs a single WiFi access point based on conventional WiFi technology. But recently, the demand for WiFi access has increased as more users armed with more devices try to simultaneously access the network. This raised concerns over capacity, coverage and performance.

The Results

Reliable and more Robust Network with Increased Coverage. In its WiFi testing with Ruckus equipment, after two days of deployment, Marston's found that over half of its transactions were going through new staff tablets along with a significant increase in client WiFi connectivity. Table service and tablet-based transactions were a proven success

"With carrier-class technology now in place, we view the network as a utility that we can use for almost any application we can think of such as multimedia delivery, location-based applications, push-to-talk voice for our staff – the list becomes endless"
Rob Derbyshire
(Operations Manager for Marston's Telecoms)

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