Networks For Councils -
Wireless Network & Hardware Solutions for Local Authorities

Haptic work with Councils and Public Sector clients to demonstrate how technology can transform services, reduce spend and increase productivity.

We understand how to work alongside you.

We add value by helping your team to assess the best networking solutions on the market, as well as assisting you with project management and device procurement.

Core, Edge, Wireless Networks, Social WiFi, Security, Backup and Installation…

We have every area covered.

With huge pressure to reduce costs whilst increasing agility, It’s certainly a challenging time for the UK Public Sector.

Often large and complex, Councils and Public Sector organisations have to handle declining budgets with a high expectation of service delivery. At Haptic we offer consultation on every element of your network project to deliver the optimal results you depend on.

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Brocade Networks


Enterprise grade technology used in 90% of Global 1000 data centres.

The solution of choice for entire Cities and State/Local Government sites in the US, Brocade offer a unique and versatile way to transform your entire network.

Offering 96% of the functionality of Cisco Networking at well under 60% of the cost, Haptic have found Brocade to be incredibly popular with Public Sector clients.

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Ruckus Wireless - Partner of Haptic Networks

Ruckus Wireless

Pivotal in Connected Cities and Smart Council deployments

Ruckus (now a part of Brocade) offer simplified control and management across your entire network. Secure on-boarding, location services and analytics help Council operators to harness the full potential of a large scale WiFi network.

Currently used by over 70,000 customers in a variety of industries and City-Wide deployments, Ruckus have certainly proved their pedigree.

As top tier ‘Alpha Dog’ Partners Haptic have the experience, technical ability and support to ensure our projects are completed quickly and with almost no downtime or disruption.

Councils now have the ability to connect their entire network, manage multiple sites from a single dashboard and connect users inside buildings or over large areas.

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Ruckus SmartZone™ 100

Ruckus SmartZone 100 Controller

Councils can now harness a unique subscription model, enabling IT Managers to quickly implement network solutions today. Safe in the knowledge they can adjust the network to meet the changing needs of tomorrow.


Supports up to 1,024 AP’s and 25,000 clients per device. With 3+1 active clustering, support up to 3,000 AP’s and 60,000 clients with full redundancy. Easy to monitor network stats with up to 30 days of AP and client data storage

Simple to use

Web based configuration wizard configures an entire WLAN in minutes Ruckus AP’s auto-discover the SmartZone™ 100 Simple set up, cloud based license management

Haptic partners with Purple

Purple – Social Wifi

Ideally suited for large areas such as City and Town-wide WiFi deployments, Purple offers public access WiFi that provides much more than just internet access.

Operating a Purple WiFi solution allows you to extract information about your visitors and their actions. Its unique and easy to use cloud interface allows login with social media, footfall tracking, real time analytics and content filtering.

Purple is transforming the way Towns and Cities perceive, measure, track and engage with their residents and visitors, Haptic are happy to give you a free online demo.

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IX Systems Logo


Storage, Servers and Solutions used by NASA, GM and SONY

An industry leader in building innovative storage solutions and enterprise servers, iXsystems’ pedigree dates back to 1991.

Amassing thousands of Business, Education and Government clients, they remain dedicated to white-glove customer service and an unmatched quality of support.

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