Connected Cities

Bringing Cities and their Citizens closer together

The Government’s commitment to building a stronger digital economy means the vision of smarter, more efficient, cities has never been closer to becoming a reality.

Smart technology can be used to improve the lives of the 45 million people living in the UK’s town and cities.

Below are some insights into how we can transform urban areas to make them more efficient, more sustainable and safer.

Large Area WiFi Solutions

Bringing Cities and their Citizens closer together

As we have demonstrated with our projects in London, Northampton, Wallingford etc we can provide high level consultancy to develop plans and project aims to provide WiFi connectivity to busy municipal areas.

Our Team can assist and advise with any type of project involving a large area.

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Ruckus Wireless - Partner of Haptic Networks

Ruckus Wireless

Enabling Smart Cities

Haptic have been working with Councils, Stakeholders and service providers to demonstrate how Ruckus can make them key players in the Smart City economy.

With patented Smart WiFi technology, Ruckus delivers super fast speeds, carrier-class reliability and simple management to cities such as London, San Jose CA and Kiel, Germany.

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Ruckus ZoneFlex T-Series Access Point


Perfect for public areas

Ruckus T-Series outdoor access points are purpose built for high density public venues including convention centres, shopping malls and airports.

Designed for easy installation

Ultra-lightweight, low profile, IP Rated weatherproof enclosure

Instant user connection

Take advantage of HotSpot 2.0 technology to partner with other Service Operators to let users connect to your WiFi from anywhere automatically. Without having to constantly re-enter credentials

Project Management

Haptic have a vast experience in deploying WiFi solutions to Towns and Cities

Our successful approach to projects in these complex, multi-stakeholder environments is based upon having a clear project management plan in place with defined roles and responsibilities.

This approach allows our clients to have a single point of contact, their designated Haptic Project Manager, for all aspects and leads to a concise and accurate deployment and service from the first to the last day.

As part of our inclusive service we cover everything from risk assessments, through liaison with landlords, right down to environmental impact assessments.

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Haptic partners with Purple

Purple – Social Wifi

Ideally suited for large areas such as City and Town-wide WiFi deployments, Purple offers public access WiFi that provides much more than just internet access.

Operating a Purple WiFi solution allows you to extract information about your visitors and their actions. Its unique and easy to use cloud interface allows login with social media, footfall tracking, real time analytics and content filtering.

Purple is transforming the way Towns and Cities perceive, measure, track and engage with their residents and visitors, Haptic are happy to give you a free online demo.

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Helpdesk/Analytics/Reporting Functions

Our 24/7/365 helpdesk provides direct phone & email support to both end users and stakeholders experiencing wireless issues on site.

We also provide a proactive support management approach and utilise our change management policy to ensure accuracy of any modifications, upgrades or updates. Our standard SLA includes a weekly report including user numbers, highest usage areas, issue identification and resolution.

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