Anti Drone Solutions -
Combating Illegal and Dangerous Drone Use Around Airports and Prisons

UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) ownership has never been higher, Haptic help our clients to identify and mitigate the threats of unauthorised drones.

Whether you operate a network at a Prison, Airport, Stadium or anywhere else that perceives UAV usage as a security risk, our solution can help keep your data, premises and patrons safe.

The Drone Problem

Prison Security Enforcement Services face challenges from smugglers using drones to deliver drugs, weapons, cell phones and other contraband onto facility grounds.

Prisons may have elaborate security provisions on the ground such as high walls with razor wire, security cameras, guard dogs and spotters but above the fence the airspace is completely unprotected. As a result, drone detection is critical to maintaining the highest standard of security.

Reports of drones as a mechanism to deliver such items is now common and regularly reported in the news.

Airport Security Services are currently witnessing increasing numbers of incidents involving drones entering into both Civilian and Military airspace with risks of collision causing possible damage to aircraft and even a catastrophic air disaster.

Flight delays and even airport closures are not unheard of due to drone activity. Countless stories have been appearing in the news recently regarding drone activity in both Military and Civilian airspace, citing safety concerns for passenger aircraft and disruption of airline operations.

With this marked increase in drone sightings, airport operators are considering how to approach safety measures and determine the additional risks that drones pose to their overall security program.

Airport officials are acutely aware of the dangers drones pose to their airspace. However, there is a gap of knowledge and understanding of the intention of drones within physical grounds of airports, leaving questionable security concerns.

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We are working alongside leading industry software developers with a shared vision:

Haptic are currently demonstrating the world’s first automated drone security platform to Airports, Prisons, Data Centres and other security conscious clients.

It is an extension of physical and cyber security into the airspace that protects critical facilities from corporate espionage, smuggling, terrorism, and hacking.

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Axis Surveillance Cameras

Axis Surveillance Cameras provide airspace security for all enterprises, government facilities, and civilians and are market leaders in network video.

While the Anti-drone technology works with any sensor, our partnership with Axis allows customers to easily access the Drone Tracker through their existing security program, and leverage the tracker’s advanced video analytics to ensure anyone can create an accurate and cost-effective drone identification program.

The Anti-Drone software connects to a radio frequency (RF) and Wi-Fi sensor, and then uses Axis cameras and sensors take video feed of a customer’s airspace.

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How does it work?

drone security

The Anti-Drone software connects to a radio frequency (RF) and Wi-Fi sensor, and then uses Axis cameras and sensors take video feed of a customer’s airspace

Data collected from these sensors is then analysed to show if a drone has entered the protected area and determine its location.

Axis cameras are easy to position, and require minimal maintenance. With the Anti-drone technology and Axis, customers will have a nearly infallible drone protection program.

Drone Detection

A round-the-clock automated and self-contained platform that detects and eliminates drone threats whilst identifying their operators.

Our drone detection solution automatically detects, classifies and issues an alert on detecting a potential threat. It then follows through with evidence recording and counter measures if specified.

Regular software updates future-proof the system and insures you stay up-to-date with the fast-evolving drone market.

It’s interoperable and easily scalable with sensors and countermeasures for any specific deployment and with high profile deployments, such as the Clinton-Trump presidential debates, Suffolk County prison (New York), the Royal Family of Qatar and the New York Mets’ stadium this solution is tried and true. .

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