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Our solutions aimed at Healthcare have been developed to benefit all areas of the organisation, from visitor, patient all the way up to board level

We understand how important it is to keep you running at your very best, likewise we grasp how much pressure there is regarding technology budgets.

The UK has an increasingly aging population, as well as facing legislation to provide WiFi across surgeries to improve treatment and patient experience.

Haptic are helping numerous Healthcare operators to future proof their network, operate more productively and enhance patient care.

Connectivity, Cloud and Security are the three main pillars of our organisation.

Having worked with the Public Sector for over a decade, we are aware that you face a huge number of regulations when handling patient/sensitive data.

We have a full suite of solutions covering Broadband, Filtering and public/private cloud offerings.

We also offer UK based secure data facilities as well as Disaster Recovery, Co-Location and Smart Storage that will protect your data and network in the event of any disaster.

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Connected devices and networks

Connectivity -
Secure, Family-Friendly Broadband and WiFi

NHS and other Healthcare organisations need an agile and fully flexible network solution, Haptic specialise in providing these services to thousands of clients across the world.

Our expertise lends itself to deploying Broadband/ISP, ensuring the network traffic is secure and utilising industry leading WiFi technology to keep staff, patients and visitors connected anywhere you choose.

Leased lines, Fibre Optic and Satellite Broadband are all connectivity solutions offered to Healthcare, you can receive the fastest possible connection as well as strong back-up solutions to keep your site connected.

Network specialists work with your team to configure the WiFi solution to your requirements. Keeping staff networks separate from patients/visitors as well as offering free and revenue generating guest access.

Our WiFi solutions are tailored to work with your budget in mind, you can purchase upfront or take advantage of our Network Subscription model.

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Other benefits of Haptic Connectivity Solutions:

Quick Setup

Our Installation Team can be onsite and working with you within days from initial contact

Network Subscription

Take your entire switching, WiFi and network solution as a monthly recurring service charge, helping you to manage budget.

WiFi options available

Offer free WiFi at pre-determined speeds/times. Premium services can also be made available to add revenue streams

iBoss Partner

Security - iboss offers comprehensive Security built for Healthcare Networks

Haptic have a long standing partnership with iboss, a leading provider of Web Security, APT (Advanced Persistent Threat) Defence and Mobile Security Solutions.

iboss protects thousands of enterprise, service providers and Public Sector networks against a new era of cyber threats and attacks. As one of the fastest growing cyber security vendors in the market, iboss offers web security that goes beyond browser protections. Haptic can demonstrate how iboss effectively secures any organisation, anywhere with any device.

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Haptic partners with Purple

Purple – Giving your patients and visitors a safe, seamless guest experience

A visit to a hospital or medical centre can often result in people having time on their hands.

Purple offers the ability to quickly hop onto a guest WiFi network and stay connected with work and home. Patients and visitors can easily look up appointment information, important announcements, even maps of the premises.

Hospitals, surgeries and dentists can easily tailor the solution to engage directly with users and ask for feedback to improve service levels. A secure connection ensures access is completely separate from the network used by staff members.

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IT & Network Support

Haptic offer a range of Support Services to ensure your Hospital, Surgery or Care Home is covered across all areas of Network infrastructure, IT Security and Device management.

Haptic can also provide

  • IP CCTV Installations and Door Access solutions
  • Network cabling and installation
  • Network cabling and installation
  • Network cabling and installation

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