Hospitality – Guest WiFi
Wireless Hardware and Network solutions for Hotels, Restaurants and Bars

If your business focuses on customer enjoyment and experience, fast, reliable guest WiFi is no longer seen as a benefit – it’s a requirement.

Research shows that clients are making decisions on where to spend time and money based on the ability to enjoy a connection for their mobile devices.

Why stop there? Our solution below details how your business can also benefit from enabling wireless devices for staff members to increase trade and drive traffic to key areas of your establishment

How we help you provide the services your customers demand.

Our wireless network solutions are the secret weapon of the Hospitality industry.

Whether you run a Hotel, Health Club, Bar, Restaurant or Event venue, customer expectations have never been higher. Haptic Networks can provide a full solution to one or thousands of locations in your estate.

From the initial Broadband connection, wired network, WiFi and customer-facing software to enhance their experience as well as your business’ revenue streams, we have you covered.

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Connected devices and networks


Whether you run a single club, or a nationwide chain of establishments the basic requirement for a fast and reliable network remains the same.

However the network doesn’t simply need to support you and your workflows, it also has to cope with the demands of your guests and customers.

With the average customer wielding 3 internet devices, an average speed internet connection can soon fall victim to slow speeds and poor connections.

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Our solution is to deliver the best connection, typically via a leased line and divide into two or three end points;

Step 1

The first will connect your office and admin functions – Being fully PCI-DSS compliant means that it can also securely manage your EPOS systems too, we can also back this up with 3G to fully cover for any eventuality

Step 2

The second line will cover your guests bandwidth requirements for streaming, surfing and browsing whilst in your bar, restaraunt, spa etc – we can consult with you to ensure any unwanted content is restricted to ensure the service fits your clientele

Step 3

If required, a dedicated third line can cover any conference/corporate hospitality facilities you may have. All of our connections are implemented with state of the art Firewall solutions to ensure your network remains as secure as possible

Ruckus Wireless - Partner of Haptic Networks

WiFi – No Longer Looked at as a Mere Luxury

If you’ve taken a peek at TripAdvisor lately you’ll see poor/no WiFi ranking highly in the bad feedback some venues have received.

A whopping 83 percent of hotel guests take the time to report a bad Wi-Fi experience, and 36 percent won’t rebook if they encountered one. There’s a reason why 70 percent of the hospitality market – and 86 percent of the world’s luxury properties – rely on Ruckus Wi-Fi.

We can help you deliver world-class wireless connectivity that your guests can be highly satisfied with.

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Haptic partners with Purple

Purple – Social Wifi

We’ve partnered with Purple Wifi to help you connect with your customers.

Purple gives hotels, bars, clubs and venues the edge when it comes to increasing revenues through targeted marketing that can drive recommendations and repeat bookings.

We can demonstrate how easy it is to capture detailed data around footfall, movement around public guest areas, demographics of visitors and frequency of online activity.

All of which helps you easily create engaging and extremely targeted marketing campaigns and increased guest spend and enhance their experience

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We can provide your Hotel with a Fast, Secure and Reliable Wireless Network that benefits your Business and your Customers

Whether you run a small boutique, a medium-sized hotel or a national chain, the fundamentals are the same.

A reliable network is pivotal to your business, and we can help.