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With security of data, network and users being at peak risk levels, Haptic Networks can help keep your business secure.

If one thing has become clear since 2015, it is that no organisation (regardless of vertical or size) is safe from network breach.

There were over 169 million personal records exposed in 2015, stemming from 781 highly publicised breaches within financial, government, education and healthcare sectors.

Our dedicated security team are on hand to advise, offer best practise and consultation to help your organisation avoid potential breach.

The complete security service your organisation needs

Penetration Testing, Full Security Solutions, Device/User Security and Ongoing Security as a Service (SECaas).

From an initial free consultation, our Security team can provide a full security project plan. Taking into consideration all aspects of initial Penetration testing, adding in on-premises or cloud based security solutions as well as configuring and deploying an ongoing service model to keep your valuable business data secure.

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Penetration Testing

Placing your cyber security in safe hands.

Seen as experts in their fields, our Security team are fully versed in cyber security counter-measures, emerging threats/technologies and analysis.

Whether we’re testing your defences, providing advice or helping you to educate your staff members, they work to the highest professional and ethical standards.

Haptic combine ethical hacking techniques with network vulnerability scanning to provide a thorough audit service.

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Our Penetration Testing Covers all Bases Including:

Bespoke Service

Website and application, Web services testing as well as Cloud Security testing

On-Site Security

Sophos offer two options, an on-site or cloud based Secure Web Gateway, both provide advanced enterprise grade security that’s easy to manage. We can demonstrate how Sophos SWG can even speed up web browsing/p>

Wireless & Mobile Security

WiFi Penetration Testing, Mobile App Penetration Testing, Mobile device & MDM Penetration Testing

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Security made Simple

As Sophos Partners, we can demonstrate the full effectiveness of the Sophos Security range. Combining Network and Endpoint protection for stronger, simpler security.

Financial and Legal organisations are at a far higher risk of attack due to the nature of their data. With Sophos’ full arsenal at our disposal, we help you secure your network and support your efforts to stay compliant with regulations.

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Google Drive

G Suite

Powerful online tools to drive productivity and enhanced security.

G Suite (formerly Google Apps for Work) is a set of intelligent apps to connect the people in your company, no matter where in the world they are. Combining Machine Intelligence, advanced cloud infrastructure and security that has even seen the HMRC recently fully adopt G Suite.

As Google Cloud partners, we can demonstrate how transitioning to G Suite a mid-size consulting firm can typically save between 40%-60% of their IT expenditure. G Suite enables Financial and Legal firms to benefit from faster outputs, higher customer involvement as well as the attraction and retention of talented professionals within the organisation.

Repetitive, mechanical tasks that take up our time are exactly the kinds of tasks that computers were created for, and advances in machine intelligence help make this a reality.


Google’s G Suite helps employees reclaim their time and come together as teams on strategic and creative projects to maximise productivity through collaboration.

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Some of the Benefits of G Suite

Bring ideas together faster

Create and collaborate on documents, spreadsheets and presentations from anywhere in the world

Machine Intelligence

G Suite has industry leading machine intelligence built in. With the ability to take care of everday tasks such as automatically scheduling meetings and formatting slides

Security and Privacy

Disable the ability to print and copy documents, intelligence that can even detect when credit card numbers are being communicated (even by a sensing card numbers on an attached photograph) Many other reasons that made G Suite the logical step for HMRC

Security as a Service (SECaas)

We offer a full Security as a Service (SECaas) model to ensure your business is covered across all areas of Network infrastructure, IT Security and Device management.

Our bespoke range of Services can be tailored to suit your needs, providing ongoing security monitoring and penetration testing to ensure the Even if you currently have an on-site dedicated team of IT/Network Admin staff, our services can work alongside them to provide another layer of support.

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