Multiple Site WiFi Deployment -
WiFi Installation for Businesses regardless of size or location

For over a decade Haptic Networks have been delivering complex network solutions to businesses across all verticals.

The reliance on mobile devices, barcode scanners and other Technology driven aspects of industry have left some organisations in need of a solid, reliable and secure WiFi network.

Complex and dense structures, combined with workspaces that are in use 24/7 means that deploying a robust WiFi solution across multiple sites can be an incredibly challenging task for any business to handle internally.

Broadband connection, WiFi Network, Security and ongoing support, we have every area covered.

Whatever sector your business operates in, the chances are that due to large, dense construction and constantly altering fittings and materials – the RF environment can be too harsh for entry-level WiFi solutions.

At Haptic we are able to offer consultation on every element of your network in order to deliver the optimal results your business depends on.

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Satellite Broadband

ISP, Broadband and Satellite Broadband

Any complex and demanding WiFi project must first begin with a fast and reliable connection.

Our coverage of the UK and Ireland with Fibre Optic, DarkLight™ and Satellite Broadband ensures that your business can receive the fastest connection possible.

Haptic Satellite Broadband can provide a high speed internet connection in any area, on a temporary or permanent basis and even as a back-up in case of contention. Now even those in the most remote areas can get high speed broadband. Ideal for rural ‘not-spots’ or for instances that demand a back-up solution that can be quickly implemented.

3G and 4G coverage can be thin outside of cities and those living and working outside these areas may be subjected to slow or non-existent broadband. Also within highly populated cities users can suffer from highly contended services and subsequently slower speeds.

Haptic Satellite Broadband can also be purchased on either a CAPEX or OPEX payment model, alternatively enquire about our leasing option.

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Other benefits of Haptic Satellite Broadband:

Quick Setup

From flight case to connection in 15 minutes, our Installation Team can deploy Satellite solutions across the UK

Pay as you go options

Ideal for short time setups, connection speeds can be increased/decreased immediately to cater for your requirements

Hardware replacement

Modems can be replaced next day (Advanced replacement), antennas replaced onsite


When dealing with multiple physical location businesses it’s vital that the Wide area Network interlinking them provides a secure seamless experience throughout the business.

Our MPLS solutions enable businesses to confidently communicate securely between multiple sites, utilising varied reliable and cost effective connections and our next generation Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) network.

Our national network and diverse service portfolio provides the perfect platform for delivering highly effective private networks with connectivity options ranging from Broadband to 1Gbps Ethernet circuits.

In addition to the inherent resiliency within our MPLS core, further resiliency is added with a range of backup options and a managed Cisco router providing automatic change-over in the event of a main access failure.

Additionally, Ethernet circuits from separate carriers can be used to provide backup to critical sites, with dual IP VPN and dual by traffic type such as video. Our private networks are also easily scalable should a your requirements increase/decrease.

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Fortinet Network Security

Fortinet Security Solutions for ICS and SCADA

Industrial control (ICS) and supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) systems are being increasingly targeted by hackers involved in terrorism and cyber-warfare. Besides factories, these systems run critical infrastructure like power plants, water treatment systems, and traffic control systems.

At stake is not just financial loss and brand reputation, but these attacks can result in national security threats and even death. Haptic Networks recommend Fortinet as a highly reliable range of solutions that integrate industry-specific security intelligence with networking that allows remote access without opening the control box.

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