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Haptic Networks can increase your organisation’s security, productivity and performance with our range of Cloud computing and Security Solutions.

It’s not just the industry giants that are at threat from cyber attacks, malware and hacks. The SME and mid market are just as likely to fall foul of unwanted internet activity.

We can show you how to embrace Cloud Technology to greatly enhance your business, whilst ensuring you remain secure and protected from the ever growing threat of malicious software

Whatever your Industry, Haptic Networks can offer you the competitive edge.

Google Cloud, Industry leading security solutions and best-in-class IT Support ensures your operations run smoothly.

Scroll further to find out more about how our solutions ensure that your network, IT and back office functions operate as efficiently as the rest of your organisation.

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Google Drive

G Suite

Intelligent solutions for forward thinking businesses.

Recent research shows that each week the average employee spends the equivalent of three work days on common tasks like emailing, scheduling and attending meetings and gathering information, and only two work days on the role they were hired for.

Repetitive, mechanical tasks that take up our time are exactly the kinds of tasks that computers were created for, and advances in machine intelligence help make this a reality.


Google’s G Suite helps employees reclaim their time and come together as teams on strategic and creative projects to maximise productivity through collaboration.

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Some of the Benefits of G Suite

Google Drive

Smart Storage

Using Google Drive is an easy to store, share and work on documents and files stored in the Cloud. Easy search functionality ensures your documents are a quick search away. Recent customer research shows that Quick Access saves around 50% of the time an employee would usually spend finding a file.

Google Calendar

Smart Scheduling

Finding time to meet with colleagues can be hard, especially when the list of people and locations you’re coordinating starts to grow. Google Calendar uses machine intelligence to help you easily find a time when invitees are free, and it also suggests available rooms based on your previous bookings

Google Sheets

Smart Spreadsheets

Many users might not experience the full value of spreadsheets because they struggle with formulas. This is a case of the computer requiring you to speak its language.

Google’s Machine intelligence turns this upside down, so now the computer understands your language. You can simply enter your question using natural language and Explore in Google Sheets will use Natural Language Processing to translate your question into a formula and offer an instant answer.

Google Groups

Smart Meetings

Teams extend beyond office walls — spanning countries and companies — and video meetings have become incredibly valuable in bringing teams together and reducing travelling costs and downtime.

Google Hangouts makes this exceedingly easy: no downloads, no browser plugins, invite anyone, join from any device, even without an account or a data connection.

Every meeting generates a short link and dial-in phone number so you can invite anyone without friction. An updated user interface accommodates up to 50 video participants, and with seamless integration into Calendar and instant screen sharing, your team will be better connected than it ever was before.

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Sophos – Network Security

End to end protection from Malware, Spam and Ransomware.

Cyber attacks are no longer targeted at large organisations, every company regardless of size is now at risk. We specialise in offering consultancy and solutions to maximise the security of all aspects of your network.

Sophos’ range if solutions allow you to centrally manage Network and Endpoint Security to ensure your workplace remains covered. Sophos’ award – winning Lab team actively track the top Malware threats in real-time. Industry experts monitor these threats and automatically update the threat protection of your Sophos solution.

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The future of mobile devices

With a Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) 75% less than a traditional Notebook, added security features and no need for antivirus, Chromebooks are revolutionising the Workplace.

Managing a fleet of Laptops and other mobile devices issued to staff can be a tiresome affair. Different models, various operating systems and individual user’s capabilities can make administration difficult.

Chromebooks have all the functionality of a traditional Notebook, with the added benefit of being centrally managed via Chrome O/S. Staff can easily swap devices, or share with other users. Data is stored safely and securely in the cloud, you can access your files from any device (including your smartphone) and should a chromebook be lost/stolen – you have no concerns about any of your sensitive or confidential information falling into the wrong hands.

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Ongoing IT & Security Support

We offer a range of Support Services to ensure your business is covered across all areas of Network infrastructure, IT Security and Device management.

Our bespoke range of Support Services can be tailored to suit your needs, providing remote support to your staff as well as on-site engineers to handle any project you wish to undertake. Even if you currently have an on-site dedicated team of IT/Network Admin staff, our services can work alongside them to provide another layer of support.

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