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WaaS (WiFi as a Service) by Haptic Networks
School WiFi, paid monthly

Our WaaS offering has been developed with Schools in mind, allowing educational customers the ability to install a cutting edge WiFi solution without the upfront costs and problems finding a suitable and trustworthy installation company.

Using our service, schools receive the installation, hardware and support of the full solution all at a pre agreed fixed monthly rate

Future Proof

Schools can upgrade to the newest WiFi technology as and when it appears, your solution will always be current


Increase or decrease the number of Access Points required whenever suits you

Project Management

Our service includes everything, from initial site survey - to ongoing support for your School


Charges are fixed and detailed up-front - with no additional or ‘hidden’ charges for the entirety of the agreement

Peace of mind

Trial the solution for 30 days free of charge
(Subject to Terms and Conditions)

What can WAAS do for you?

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Is WaaS the correct solution for you?

Many Schools, Colleges and Universities have the ability to purchase WiFi solutions directly from their existing budget.

Likewise many have the capacity to install and support their own networks. In those instances WaaS may not be the ideal solution.

However if your School requires a solid, secure and reliable WiFi network below are some role relevant ways in which our solution can help.

IT Manager / Network Manager

How WaaS can enhance school’s ICT

Strategy enabler

Haptic Networks experience in deploying WiFi solutions will save you time and energy in managing the project

Improved ICT Function

End user admin and labour intensive work removed from your highly skilled internal team leads to better IT admin delivery against internal SLA as WiFi issues are removed from reporting stats


Our solution implements WIDS (Wireless Intrusion Detection System) as well as WIPS (Wireless Intrusion Prevention System) for added WiFi security for your network and users

Post installation

As the service is a long term (typically 3 year) agreement, we provide the reassurance that comes from continued support

Finance / Business Manager

How WaaS can increase budget potential


Finance/Business Manager or Bursar

Reduction of risk

No need to invest heavily in a technology that is known to be fast moving, our Solution offers you the ability to upgrade at any time

Budget flexibility

A low monthly cost enables you to utilise more of your budget on other areas that require it

What our service includes:

  • Full installation (subject to site survey and approval) of WiFi Solution
  • Full support for the WiFi network during the agreement
  • Telephone/Email support 9:00 - 17:00 Mon-Fri (excluding UK Public Holidays)
  • Remote support
  • WiFi Network monitoring
  • NBD (Next Business Day) Replacement of any faulty hardware
  • System updates, including new releases and features
  • 30 Day free trial - cancel at any point within your first 30 Days without charge
  • Hardware Upgrade, refresh and renew your agreement at any point during the agreement
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How our WaaS Service Works...

Step 1

Initial scoping call
Contact us for a free consultation call

Step 2

Site Survey
Next we will visit your site to conduct a full RF site survey including heat mapping and Interference analysis

Step 3

Network Proposal
Our team will work with your project aims and objectives to ensure our solution addresses every element your deployment requires

Step 4

Our vast experience in Education spans over a decade. Our project management expertise enables you to continue working whilst our team deploys your solution

Step 5

Network Configuration
Our installation engineers can work alongside your School’s Network Dept to provide full configuration and integration

Step 6

Ongoing Support
Haptic’s dedicated helpdesk and support team ensure that you’re covered for years. Giving you the peace of mind that regardless of the issue, you have our resource at your disposal

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