Google Deployment -
Bringing G Suite into your classroom

G Suite For Education is enabling Schools to develop new and exciting ways to teach, collaborate and save large amounts of budget.

As a free suite of Applications that has existed since 2006, many Schools and Colleges are utilising G Suite in some capacity.

It provides the ability to increase student learning environments, increase collaboration amongst staff and reduce the impact of IT/Network Admin teams.

Thus far over 200 million students worldwide use G Suite for Education.

G Suite for Education - The perfect Cloud Solution for your School

As Google For Education Partners, Haptic Networks have an entire team dedicated to helping Schools along their own Google Journey.

Our services can be tailored to offer everything from initial consultation, project management, staff/teacher training as well as ongoing support. Our expertise in all aspects of Network and IT deployments ensures that your project will have every consideration taken into account.

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G Suite Launch

For any School looking to begin their G Suite journey, Haptic’s Launchpad has it covered.

As an entire project management service we will provide an initial free consultation. From there our team will work alongside you to map the entire deployment. Assessing any requirements your current network and device range may require, as well as gauging the level of training and support that staff and teachers may require in order to ensure a smooth adoption of the technology.

Budget saving and reducing ideas are also introduced in order to showcase the many and varied ways in which a School can instantly begin to reduce their spend.

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Some of the Benefits of G Suite Launchpad

Bespoke Service

Our Team will create a project plan specifically for your School, working to your own unique budget and time requirements

Full Project Management

From initial consultation to ongoing Support and Training, we minimise the impact to your work schedule by handling the project for you

Join the Community

As a Google For Education Partner, we can connect you with the Google Universe as a whole, from visits to Google HQ, Hosted events and online communities all aimed at enhancing the effectiveness of your deployment

Acer Chromebook


Harnessing Chrome O/S, Chromebooks and ChromeBoxes allow you to improve the way that Staff and Students utilise technology. Chromebooks are already outselling other mobile devices such as iPads in Education. This is due to their robust construction and comparative low total cost of ownership 61% less than a Notebook. Chromeboxes likewise are the next evolutionary step from traditional expensive Workstations and Tower PC units.

With Chrome Device Management (CDM) Licences, you can control your entire fleet of devices from one single pane. Whether your School offers 1:1 or 1:Many, CDM allows you to create time/geo/lesson based settings and policies as well as ensuring all devices are updated and never in need of antivirus software.

With the average student Chromebook costing under £200, the cost savings versus Notebooks are huge, add to that G Suite removes any need for Microsoft Office licenses, also the entire device range in your school will no longer require imaging the time saving benefits are vast also.

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Ruckus Wireless - Partner of Haptic Networks

Ruckus Wireless
The preferred Solution for the Education Sector

Providing anywhere from 2 - 4 times more coverage than other solutions, with the most competitive pricing in Education. Haptic deploy Ruckus into more Education sites than any other Solution.

As top tier ‘Alpha Dog’ Partners we have the experience, technical ability and support to ensure our projects are completed quickly with almost no downtime and disruption. Ruckus WiFi integrates seamlessly with all existing switching equipment, as well as a flexible license model allowing the solution to grow in line with your requirements.

Our support offering involves lightning fast response to any issues and next business day swap out on hardware giving you complete peace of mind.

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Smoothwall - Partners of Haptic Networks

Network Security, Filtering and Firewall
Smoothwall is the Industry Leader

As Smoothwall Premier Partners we have provided hundreds of Schools with the all encompassing security and filtering solution.

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