Ruckus ICX Switches, meet the new family member

ICX 7250 Family
ICX 7250 Family


To bring the best out of your organisation, bring the best out of your network


Ruckus ICX Switches are transforming network performance in record time with minimal effort. With the ability to replace your entire wired and wireless infrastructure but manage everything centrally. As of time of this release, there is a very aggressive pricing promotion around opportunities involving both ICX switches and Ruckus Wireless hardware. 

Ruckus innovates across wired technologies, as well as wireless, to enable awesome customer experiences. The Ruckus ICX Family of fixed form-factor switches work together to simplify network set-up and management, enhance security, minimises troubleshooting and make upgrades easy. ICX low-latency, non-blocking architecture ensures excellent throughput for the most demanding applications.

ICX switches work seamlessly with Ruckus Wi-Fi access points and Ruckus SmartZone network controllers to deliver the most performant and cost effective unified wired & wireless access solutions on the market today.

Whether you’re deploying a standalone switch, a stack, or a fabric network, you’ll reap the benefits of Ruckus performance, flexibility and investment protection. You can read more about the Ruckus Wireless range on our dedicated microsite by clicking this link.


Find out how Ruckus ICX switches can make a difference to your network now, contact us to view the TCO calculator to see how Ruckus can reduce network acquisition, power, cooling and support costs