A high end wireless network solution for high end London properties

The client

OCUBIS is a dynamic property company which owns, develops and manages commercial and residential properties throughout London.

Their portfolio is truly breathtaking; ranging from the ultra modern office space over 15 floors at Canon Green in the heart of the City of London, to the palatial grandeur of the Kensington Pavilion.

The Issue at Hand

As part of Ocubis’ commitment to providing high quality services for all their tenant’s needs it became increasingly apparent that the legacy Meru wireless systems in place were not up to the task of handling an ever increasing device load.

With many tenants using upwards of 4 wireless devices simultaneously drop outs and disconnections were all too common and Ocubis’ IT team were swamped with unsatisfied users and ongoing issues.

There were also increasing concerns regarding the security and segregation of multiple tenants data running within a single service.

How we Helped

Hardware Installation and Infrastructure

Ocubis engaged Haptic to take a ‘blank canvas’ approach to the wireless network and the associated infrastructure.

Due to the congested RF environment, at one location no less than 112 SSID’s were detected, we selected a high level Ruckus access point to provide a minimum RSSI level of -60dBm throughout all areas to ensure reliability of connection. The system architecture was designed to minimise the cabling impact and to be sympathetic to the aesthetics of the various environments.

At Ocubis’ request we even provided in-elevator WiFi utilising a specialist retractable data cable solution. We developed a RADIUS authentication methodology which allowed for dynamic VLAN allocation on a per tenant basis, ensuring data segregation and improving performance.

This method allowed for multiple devices to be connected via the same user in a secure fashion without the need for constant reauthentication. We also provided a separate Guest network for visiting users to connect onto, keeping them clear of tenants own networks.

Improved Security

The new network prevents unauthorised access to the network and password sharing

Improved Reliability

Client devices no longer drop out on a regular basis meaning lower support load for onsite IT team

Improved Speed

Users no longer complain about slow speeds limiting their ability to work efficiently

"From our first contact with Haptic we realised we had the right partner with the experience to provide us and our tenants with a solution that, like all good technology, just works."
Robyn Tailor
(IT Manager, Ocubis)

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