Moulton College

We helped one of the top independent Colleges in the UK bring the benefits of G Suite for Education to their pupils.

The client

Moulton College is widely recognised as one of the top Colleges in the Country.

The College has worked hard to build a fantastic reputation and offers a wide range of qualifications and excellent facilities all within a beautiful rural environment.

The College is committed to innovation in teaching, learning and assessment, with a focus on student support. Everyone who joins Moulton is given the greatest chance to succeed.

This commitment to being the best is ongoing and the College have invested over £45 million in recent years to provide world-class facilities and an environment for students learn and grow.

The Issue at Hand

Moulton College’s success is driven by growth and student outcomes. The Senior Leadership Team saw that increasing student numbers and course diversity would facilitate this growth and improve the student outcome.

Course content and feedback has historically been completed manually via paper based processes, so a more automated, accessible and intuitive IT platform was sought as a replacement.

Google Apps was the natural choice in terms of feature, function and minimal investment.

Adoption of the Google platform was seen as an opportunity to improve both student experience, and administrative and teaching efficiency whilst also increasing course availability. Moulton approached us to help ascertain what the school could achieve using G Suite for Education and where it could take them in the future.

They saw Google Classroom as a great way to reach more pupils and give lecturers more power over content delivery. They also saw the G Suite environment vastly reducing the time lecturers spent managing students whilst breaking down potential barriers for learning such as distance and language.

How we helped

Following a meeting to understand the Moulton College’s needs, we agreed to an ambitious timescale in which we’d have G Suite completely available for use to all users within a month.

A professional development plan was created for lecturers and tutors prior to launch to bring them up to speed and establish relevant links between existing MIS systems and Google services such as Classroom.

After establishing that the school had a very capable WiFi Solution in place, we then provided a set of G Suite Training sessions for a group of teachers who were to become the digital leaders at the school.

During the sessions teachers harnessed the abilities of Google Classroom to distribute resources quickly to students and keep them on task during lessons. They loved being able to take their existing content and quickly into lessons. In one instance a Teacher bought herself a Chromebook for use within her home environment.

A G Suite Domain was then set up for them to explore.

Working closely with the College, we then helped to replicate their current domain structure in the G Suite domain, making signing into G Suite simple and straightforward for everyone.

The Future For Moulton College

Moulton want to be a Google Reference Site and bring other school leaders in to show them how they flourish with G Suite.

Their ‘moonshot’ is to be a 1:1 school and give every child access to a Chromebook and the fantastic learning content that their teachers are delivering everyday. As their G Suite For Education Partner, Haptic are very excited to be part of this and support them in this vision and beyond.

"Haptic provided an excellent service from initial engagement, through discovery of our requirements, solution proposal, technical implementation, project coordination and user adoption workshops to ongoing support following go live"
Giles Batchelor
(Network Development & Services Manager)

Improved Security

The new network prevents unauthorised access to the network and password sharing

Improved Reliability

Client devices no longer drop out on a regular basis meaning lower support load for onsite IT team

Improved Speed

Users no longer complain about slow speeds limiting their ability to work efficiently

Strategic Benefits

Google’s various innovative applications, cloud enabled scaleable architecture and fundamental defining characteristic of enabling collaboration throughout its technologies, has delivered on the immediate requirement, but also provided a basis to deliver the long term strategic goal of improved organisational wide communication.

Augmenting Moulton’s existing infrastructure to accommodate the Google suite of applications has enabled the staff and students to collaborate across multiple geographic locations with ease.

Moving to G Suite has empowered the SLT to consider which point solutions can be consolidated and even replaced by utilising the free G Suite App’s instead.

Selecting an experienced Google Partner in Haptic Networks, Moulton have cemented a mutually beneficial reciprocal strategic partnership.

Collaboration Between Staff and Students

G Suites Core applications and feature parity with existing office suites in use, have enabled Moulton’s staff and students to begin to collaborate efficiently and effectively across all platforms. Moulton has geographically dispersed sites, using a cloud based platform has meant that to the staff and students location is no longer an issue.

G Suite Applications

G Suite for Education is a zero cost solution which replaces many of the current applications, Schools and Colleges throughout the UK pay thousands for on a yearly basis. Providing a centrally managed suite of applications hosted in the cloud has given Moulton the opportunity to think to the future and reassess best practice, with a supported platform that can scale to meet any future requirements with minimal impact.

User Adoption Strategic Approach

Providing a user adoption strategy and framework of training via an initial user skills survey, followed by a schedule of workshops tailored to skill sets defined by the initial survey and lastly drop in sessions for the staff, has eased the transition to G Suite over an aggressive delivery timescale.

Rapid Support Response

With a single managed service provider for G Suite, Moulton’s IT Team are free to work on strategic projects, better equipped to deal with support queries and to identify potential future issues before they occur.

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