Dubai College

Dubai College is a prestigious British Language Secondary school and Sixth Form based in the UAE with over 800 students

The client

Located in the heart of the city, Dubai College is a leading academic center and identified as being the number one British school overseas.

Their high quality teaching and extracurricular activities have earned them an outstanding reputation over last 40 years.

The Issue at Hand

Haptic were approached by Dubai College to supply, install and maintain a managed wireless solution for the college as part of overhaul of the Colleges IT infrastructure.

The College planned to increase the number of wireless devices utilised from a handful running off ad hoc AP’s to multiple class sets of laptops, VoIP and staff UMPC’s.

Coverage and device throughput were of paramount importance due to plans to utilise VoIP mobile devices and potential for streaming IPTV throughout the site.

How we Helped

Having surveyed the site for coverage and cable provision a project plan was drawn up including 2850m of Cat6 Cabling, 90 Zoneflex 7942 Dual Band Access Points and 4 Zoneflex 7762 Outdoor Dual Band Access Points and a Zonedirector 3100 Management Console.

Consideration had to be taken for the extreme temperatures to be found on site during the installation period (August) as well as integration into the schools interior styling.

Scale and location

Haptic travelled across to the UAE to perform both the initial survey and the installation. The entire project involved over 35 staff

Swift installation

As a tremendously busy site, we were cautious to cause little disruption. We performed a full fibre dig around the entire building as well as a complete network refresh in under 2 weeks

Discrete Solution

Using intelligent placement and small form factor AP’s, we maintained the aesthetic of this beautiful building

“Gaining the ability to run class sets of laptops, with good throughput levels, has proved a boon for ICT integration within teaching and learning”
Patrick Farmer
(Dubai College Network Manager)

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