November 25, 2019
Joe Aucott
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We're on fire!!!

Our CTO Mark - 3 points of contact

We’re an eclectic group at Haptic Networks. We’ve got fitness fanatics, comic book guys, gamers, foodies and much more. We also have a secret Fireman! Our very own CTO Mark Bartley is a member of the Geddington Volunteer Fire Brigade! He is keen to clarify that this doesn't mean he spends his weekends rescuing Cats from trees but does work proactively as part of this charity to support good causes within the community. 

The volunteer fire brigade gained national fame last year as they were featured on the BBC’s Would I Lie To you? If you fancy hearing comedian James Acaster discussing one of the stranger events that the fire brigade hosts each year check out this Youtube video

Recently, however, the fire brigade have been experiencing issues with vandalism and attempted break ins at their fire station. This has led to mounting repair costs and increasing insurance premiums, which has unfortunately meant less funds to support the local community projects. 

To help this charity continue with their excellent work, Haptic Networks has donated a 4 camera IR IP CCTV system, Cat6 cable and a 4G/LTE Router to allow for remote alerts and monitoring.  Over the weekend Mark dusted off his crimping tool and “got on the tools” to install the system. 

Fire Brigade Officer, Graeme Atkins, commented “We are incredibly grateful to Haptic Networks for providing this equipment, it will greatly benefit the brigade and allow us to focus on supporting the local community, safe in the knowledge that our station, equipment  and fire engine are secure”.

If you would like to read more about the Geddington Volunteer Fire Brigade and the work they do check out 

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