February 18, 2019
Haptic Networks
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What is WaaS and Why Does Your Business Need It?

Regardless of the industry, having a fast and secure WiFi network is extremely important to meet business standards. It’s no longer considered a privilege, but a mandatory component for business operations. To support an increasing number of cloud-based applications and mobile devices, more enterprises are turning to WaaS.

What is WaaS?

WaaS, also known as WiFi as a service, is a subscription-based service that combines infrastructure, software, and managed services to offer fast, secure, and reliable networks. They have managed WiFi solutions and improved WiFi connectivity services without the need for in-house staff.

Pro’s of WaaS for Business

There are many advantages to having WiFi as a service for business. With having a reliable WiFi system in place, it can also help to avoid any potential problems.


Implementing WaaS is a great cost-effective solution for businesses without compromising performance and scope. With WaaS, there is no need for purchasing enterprise-grade infrastructure and software or hiring a highly specialised team to manage and maintain the systems.

These third party providers offer WiFi maintenance support, WaaS troubleshooting, and other WiFi IT solutions all at a low cost. They already come with fully staffed experts that are ready to help your business at any given time.

Save Valuable Time

Haptic Networks have 24/7 specialised support to troubleshoot WaaS without interrupting business operations. Issues are resolved easily and efficiently, thus saving a lot of valuable time.

Short Life Cycle

Wireless networks tend to have short, costly life cycles as technology is constantly changing to match industry standards. Your business can easily upgrade to the latest systems without having to reinvest in new systems with WaaS.

Security & Trustworthiness

Utilising WiFi as a service for business ensures that your network will always have the latest wireless security infrastructure to keep up with changing threats. It also ensures that you have reliable WiFi systems that are functionally efficiently all the time.


Black spots are frequent when it comes to WiFi installations within larger buildings, but WaaS can be implemented to overcome these issues. They provide advice for business and plan out exactly where the WiFi can be installed within your building premises for optimal coverage.

If you have any other questions on how to improve your WiFi systems and the next steps to take, contact us for a free consultation with one of our experts. We offer advice, support, consultation, and even training in many aspects of technology regardless of the industry.

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