April 26, 2016
Haptic Networks
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Smoothwall - Framlingham Update

The Framlingham update from Smoothwall introduces a new directory type, a new Safeguarding reporting suite and a simplified, easier to set up version of Connect for Chromebooks. The new directory type allows Chromebook users to be filtered based on their Google Apps group membership without the need to link an Active Directory to Google (using GADS).

The Safeguarding reporting suite allows customers to view and raise alerts on users who breached Safeguarding rule sets such as radicalisation, bullying and adult content.


Safeguarding will become part of a suite of Smoothwall reporting features helping schools and educational establishments with their Safeguarding and Prevent Duty responsibilities regarding internet use. Safeguarding allows the System Administrator to run reports against users on their network for various time periods to show if they have breached any safeguarding rulesets.

Google as a Directory service

Google as a directory service allows user authentication and group mapping based on Google Apps accounts and group memberships. This new directory type can be used with Connect for Chromebooks to achieve filtering without the need for an AD or setting up Google Active Directory Sync.

Simplified Connect for Chromebooks

Connect for Chromebooks has been improved to reduce the number of setup steps required. The verification checks against the Google authentication service are now optional, and can be set up in the Google Developer Console. These verification checks are recommended if the Chromebook devices are not enrolled or fall under BYOD.

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