July 6, 2018
Haptic Networks
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IT Security - 5 Usual Suspects....

We promise to get through this whole piece without throwing in 'that' acronym (you know the one....)

DDoS, Data breach, Ransomware, Malware, Social engineering attacks.

IT security is the topic, without doubt currently at the forefront of every IT leader's mind today. However most companies are still more reactive than proactive.

The single biggest threat to companies today is risk management. The brutal truth is that most IT teams are not trained security experts, and may not even be following a comprehensive security strategy that provides the protective measures for the organisation as a whole.

If you are looking to employ a more comprehensive IT security strategy, here are the 5 top considerations for your IT team, and your company as a whole.

  1. Firewall, Antivirus and Endpoint protection.If these aren't in place already,get in the sea.
  2. Take the time to plan out a complete risk management strategy, this is the blueprint.
  3. Acquire some DDoS protection, this helps you avoid brute force attempts
  4. Obtain the very best threat detection suite you can afford, remember this....

                                 EXPENSIVE = CHEAP                                         CHEAP = EXPENSIVE

5. Take the time to really scrutinise your identity and access management. The ability to manage the process revolves on your Log management.

Let's be frank, there's no such thing as a perfect IT security mousetrap. Everyone is vulnerable, it's not a question of if you get attacked but when. It's all about how easily you "hand over the....keys"

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