June 25, 2014
Haptic Networks
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SDN - HP updates switches with added performance to enhance software defined networking

In order to enable users to take advantage of the huge benefits software-defined networking (SDN) provides, Hewlett Packard has updated its 5400 Series of switches with enhanced performance and capabilities.

Currently the two models that have received the enhancement are the HP 5406R zl2 & HP 5412R zl2. They benefit from a newly redesigned application-specific integrated circuit (ASIC) delivering up to 30% increased performance. According to HP the new switches offer both the performance and bandwidth required for enhanced use of SDN alongside support for 10Gbps uplinks and 40Gbps also planned.

Even though the 5400 Series was already enabled for SDN via OpenFlow, the boosts offered in the new hardware will enable customers to make better use of the future developments in this already exciting arena.

Both new models are modular rack-mount switches, The HP 5406R zl2 and HP 5412R zl2 switches are available at approx. £1,380 & £2,650 respectively.
At Haptic we’re highly enthused by the recent developments in SDN, we feel it represents a huge step change in the way modern networks (and networkers) operate. We’ll endeavour to bring more news as it arrives.

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