October 30, 2014
Haptic Networks
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Satellite Broadband for as little as £24.95 per month?

If you happen to be facing one of these issues, Satellite Broadband could be the answer:
• The Rural area you live in is a ‘not-spot’ – drastically slow speeds/no 3G
• The broadband speeds at your office/home are sluggish (with no set date to upgrade from BT)
• Staff are complaining about a lack of connectivity and mobility
• Potential customers are opting for your competitors as their WiFi is superior

If any of these strike a chord with you, you should ask us about Satellite Broadband.
We offer independent, straightforward, impartial advice about satellite broadband. We offer multiple network options and we can connect you to any provider in Europe.
Available as a monthly service, an outright purchase or with PAYG data options, we have a solution to meet every need.
From as little as £24.95 per month we can install a Satellite Broadband anywhere in the UK.

Some other benefits:
• Industry leading customer support with secure on-line ordering, billing, and invoicing
• 7 day a week technical support with a UK call centre
• The option to rent or own your kit, we even offer ‘pay-as-you-go’ data with no contract
• FREE access to Google Apps with your own Esatmail.com email address
• A proper UK IP address on many services, meaning easy access to UK websites and content portals
• The option to try-before-you-buy.
• Our “Refer-a-neigbour Scheme” scheme; get your satellite airtime for FREE
• Professional installation with Certified Installers right across Europe

To learn more about this solution click here to contact us

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