September 30, 2014
Haptic Networks
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Ruckus release SPoT - Location-based services (LBS) using Wireless networks

Location Based Services are an invaluable tool in retail, entertainment and any other sector where large numbers of people are likely to move around, through or near a wireless network; effectively these systems use the WiFi probe requests of mobile devices to accurately locate a user position within an area. So why is this important?

If you can imagine running a department store, you’ll already have envisaged a few challenges:

-Ensuring appropriate staffing levels in the right place at the right time- even amongst us Brits (world champions of the art) no one actually likes queuing.

-Preventing bottlenecks around popular products/areas - you have the latest trend-topping toy in stock but customers are leaving the store and heading to a competitor because they’ve wanted to avoid the scrum at the toy section.

-You have high margin but competitively priced stock sitting unsold- wouldn’t it be great to know the optimum place to put it to ensure maximum visibility to clients?

-Analysing when people are coming to the store and how long are they staying for?

-Identifying which customers are returning- if so how frequently?

So how can you gather this information without employing a team of headcounters with photographic memories or using costly and often inefficient facial recognition linked into CCTV? (queue Daily Mail headlines about “Big Brother Shop knows your face!”) Simple answer - ask us about SPoT.

Northamptonshire Wireless specialists Haptic are offering our clients a free trial of the SPoT (Smart Positioning Technology) from Ruckus Wireless.
The solution comprises a location engine to identify a user's exact location; an analytics dashboard effectively working to simplify the data and an engagement API providing the ability to send users targeted messages based on their location.

The benefits of this solution are not restricted to Retail, the technology can add vast benefits to any organisation operating in Healthcare; Hospitality; Transportation; Education; Warehousing; Distribution to name but a few.

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