December 21, 2015
Haptic Networks
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Ruckus + Chrome: Whitepaper- Raising a Ruckus in the Google Classroom

Ruckus Wireless and Google Chromebooks take pride of place as two of Haptic Networks' strongest offerings. Ruckus, having proven itself as the industry leading WiFi solution when connectivity and reliability are important have released an interesting white paper detailing the benefits of their system for organisations utilising Google Chromebooks.

A few years ago, Chromebooks were little more than a murmur, a Google experiment with full-fledged computers. And though some industries have yet to express interest in the Chromebook movement, the education market is taking notice in a big way.

Given the low initial price and ongoing cost, full keyboard experience, and cloud-enabled application ecosystem provided by Google, Chromebooks strike the right chord for a broad swath of the education market, both lower and higher ed. And it seems that Chromebooks are taking their share at the expense of a steeply declining Microsoft/ Windows solution and a stationary (or slightly declining) iPad solution.

The first priority for a school Wi-Fi network must be connectivity. If the WLAN can’t scale to support the client densities and application load of the network, nothing else matters.

Ruckus is focused on optimizing the network at this level with features like BeamFlex, which intelligently adapts the signal and optimizes it for each packet and each client. BeamFlex has a number of advantages over static legacy antenna designs:

  • Improved signal quality at the client’s antenna, which maximizes data rates and reduces errors/retries
  • Increased airtime efficiency, which ultimately leads to greater capacity
  • Reduced interference with neighboring APs, making high density networking much easier to deploy with less congestion (due to directional antenna transmission)
  • Equal benefit for all clients at all distances; client support not required


The full Ruckus Whitepaper can be viewed here

The conclusions drawn from the testing in the full Whitepaper (link above) show The applications and devices used in today’s classrooms require a fantastic network experience. Chromebooks up the ante with a dependency on cloud-based apps and services that put the wireless link in the line of duty. The good news is that the right set of products, features, and optimizations make robust Wi-Fi attainable, affordable, and easy to use. Want best in classroom Wi-Fi? Ask us about Ruckus Wireless 

There is also a wealth of information available on our dedicated Ruckus WiFi microsite - click here to learn more about Ruckus 





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