July 14, 2016
Haptic Networks
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Partner Announcement : Purple

The team at Haptic are incredibly proud to announce our partnership with Purple:  the intelligent spaces company.

One of the UK’s leading WiFi specialists, Haptic Networks has vast experience in public access WiFi, with deployments in towns and cities such as London, Wallingford, and Northampton. Purple is a pioneer of Social WiFi, analytics and marketing, with deployments in over 70 countries. Its ‘Intelligent Spaces’ approach provides real-time analytics and marketing for venues and businesses that want to: engage with visitors; optimise the use of physical spaces; and utilise the wireless infrastructure to generate ROI.

Purple first joined forces with Haptic Networks to provide WiFi services to Moray Council in Scotland. Following various high-profile wins in the leisure, hospitality, healthcare and public spaces vertical sectors, Haptic Networks has achieved Certified Partner status with Purple. It is now operating across UK, EU and UAE, offering secure, family-friendly WiFi with data collection for analytics and reporting functions.

Gavin Wheeldon, CEO at Purple, comments: “Our partnership with Haptic Networks has already proved to be a huge success with joint contracts delivered and a range of upcoming opportunities. Our two teams are closely aligned in terms of our approach to services and our vision of the market. We look forward to building a successful long term relationship.”

Mark Bartley, CTO at Haptic Networks, said: “We selected Purple primarily due to their approach to data ownership. We believe that customers providing WiFi services to their visitors and residents should have full access and control of any data collected through the service rather than this data being retained by the service provider. We have also been impressed with the Purple platform’s flexibility, stability and ease of use. This supports our approach of providing user-friendly, reliable solutions to our customers.

“Lastly, Purple’s impeccable credentials were aligned to our own standards and ethics of ensuring security of our customers and their visitor’s information.”

to read more about the Purple solution in detail click here

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