March 14, 2017
Haptic Networks
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Partner Announcement - iXsystems

We're proud to announce our UK preferred partner status with open source storage heavyweight iXsystems

Operating from Silicon Valley, iXsystems have been developing innovative storage solutions since 1991. Currently in use at Warner Brothers, Sega, Sony and Disney - they carry an impressive pedigree. Haptic have been awarded preferred partner status in the UK, providing a local presence to inform, demonstrate, deliver and support this astounding range of storage and server appliances.

Here's what make iXsystems incredibly interesting to work with:

  • iXsystems is the industry leader in storage and servers driven by Open Source.
  • TrueNAS is world class fully configured, commercially supported and certified enterprise grade SAN/NAS appliance
  • It was ranked best in class on Hardware and excellent on Software two years in a row by industry research firm DCIG.
  • A solution powered by ZFS, a self-healing file system which prevents, detects and corrects data decay, bit rot and data corruption.
  • This is a durable, robust and unbeatable solution at a fraction of the cost of the competition.

Since late 2016 Haptic have deployed iXsystems into Education, Commercial and Aviation clients (to name but a few) if you'd like to know more, or witness a virtual demo and solution walkthrough - click here to contact us 

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