February 16, 2017
Haptic Networks
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Partner Announcement: Chromebox for Meetings

As Haptic Networks edge toward our 3rd year of Partnership with Google, we have further strengthened our relationship by receiving accreditation to provide Chromebox for Meetings.

Chromebox for Meetings is a powerful video conferencing tool that allows you to connect with up to 25 (and growing) simultaneous video sessions all over the world. This powerful video conferencing equipment package designed by Google allows you to meet with anyone on any device, whether this be from the conference room to the home office or even the motorway services.

With one click to join a meeting and links shareable by anyone, the days of long dial in codes and sketchy powerpoint shares are a thing of the past, finally we have the ability to harness the full power of the Google Cloud and at a price which will see them take significant market share in 2017 and beyond. With a full Chromebox, HD Webcam, Conference Bridge and remote control being available at well under £900 the solution instantly offers huge cost savings over cumbersome Video Conferencing suites of old.

 Video conferencing with anyone, anywhere

Instantly schedule meetings with dozens of internal and external participants and up to 25 devices.

Share and collaborate in an instant

Enjoy real time, wireless sharing and collaboration with nothing more than a link.

Simple deployments, easy management

Set up devices in seconds. Updates roll out automatically and administrators can control and monitor devices remotely.

You can read more about chromebox, chromebooks and G Suite at our dedicated microsite

For more information, or to get your hands on some demo units click here to contact us

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