May 30, 2018
Haptic Networks
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Neverware Switch on Service

Neverware's CloudReady solution enables legacy devices to run on Chrome O/S. For establishments with limited budget, or a large amount of older devices that require a faster, smoother user experience. CloudReady is an incredibly cost effective method of squeezing extra life and performance from your entire fleet of mobile devices.

You can read more about our exclusive Neverware Switch on Service by clicking on this link

Haptic Networks have taken our existing Switch on Service and customised it to make it easy to trial Neverware. In 3 easy steps you could have Chrome O/S running across your entire estate, also with additional chrome device Haptic Neverware Switch on Service management (CDM) licenses the benefits of a full device management platform could be yours.

Haptic Neverware Switch on Service

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