September 2, 2014
Haptic Networks
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Mobile devices take top spot for online shoppers

With the recent upsurge in online purchases proving challenging for the high street, new figures have been published that show mobile devices have pipped desktops for the very first time.

The report featured in The Guardian can be found here

With our recent research detailing the benefits of harnessing Wi-Fi to win more business from shoppers using mobile devices, the news comes at the right time.

It has never been a better time to follow these two words of warning:

Firstly, make sure your company, shop or organisation has a mobile-optimised website.

Secondly, think about your e-commerce strategy and how best to ensure that those potential customers searching for your goods/services don't wind up ordering from your competition.

Contact us for further advice on how to open up an e-commerce revenue stream.

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