May 4, 2015
Haptic Networks
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Lego - Star Wars Prize Draw

At Haptic we love Lego, let’s get that clear from the outset.

It may be the most excruciatingly painful thing to step on, thankfully however we don’t prance around the office in bare feet. A win-win for toes and noses alike.

You may not know that we also supply Lego to Schools, which gives us the tiny shred of encouragement we need to gaze adoringly at the sets available whilst pretending to be ordering sets with 'Educational merit'

We’ve found the Lego Star Wars range to be our firm favourites, and to shamelessly TIE in with the best day in May (whilst we cross our fingers that Disney/JJ Abrams don’t serve up a plump turkey this Xmas) We’ve decided to offer a special thanks to our customers......

We’re holding a prize draw of epic proportions. We have a huge stash consisting of:

1 x star prize – Lego -10188 ‘Death Star’

2 x Lego 75055 ‘Imperial Star Destroyer’

2 x Lego 75054 ‘AT-AT’

4 x Lego 75083 ‘AT-DP’

10 x Lego 75074 ‘Snowspeeder’

10 x Lego 75032 ‘X-Wing Fighter’

10 x Lego 75030 ‘Millennium Falcon’

+ 50 x Lego Star Wars Keychains (assorted)

Prize Draw invitations will be sent to the postal address of all of our customers containing the instructions to enter. Simply follow these and the winners will be drawn at random on June 30th.

Legal waff follows...

Terms and conditions:

  • Only one entry allowed per customer.
  • All entries will be checked and verified.
  • Entries must be received by June 29th.
  • Available only to  our UK customers.
  • Prizes will be delivered within 10 days of close date.
  • Prize draw will be held on June 30th, winners will be picked using a random number generator and witnessed/verified by an independent party.
  • Entry invites will be sent to customers appearing on Haptic CRM and mailing list from 1st Jan 2014 onwards as priority. Haptic Networks Ltd reserve the right to send invitations to any other contact whose details appear before 1st Jan 2014. Entries can also be received by sending a postcard with the words ‘Lego Star Wars’ entrant name and address details with a 1st class stamp affixed and delivered to: Haptic Networks Ltd, Unit 3 Orion Park, Kettering, Northamptonshire, NN15 6PP

May the 4th....pah that's been done to Darth. Good luck yo.

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