June 30, 2015
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Lego Star Wars - Prize Draw: Results....

The lego Star Wars Prize draw has been made!

Thanks for all the entries, pictures of lego collections and random chat that has accompanied this giveaway. As always we at Haptic are always taken aback by how funny and enlightening you all can be. Also stay tuned, we'll be announcing another promotion in the not too distant future.

The winner of the star prize =  E Garnham      -   Congratulations!

The Star Destroyers were won by:

A Davis

J Thresher

The 2 x AT-AT went to:

C White

A Brough

4 x AT-DP walking their way to:

A Woropaj

B Richards

K Summers

S Acton

10 x Snowspeeders

A Spicer

D Beedle

D Bryant

D Young

R Doubtfire

G Bagley

C Hindmarch

M Pearson

M Dovey

R Palmer

10 x X Wing

E. Wedlake-Crocker

A Payne

B Bull

B Baddeley

D Wheatley

D Tams

K Jolley

M Graves

M Wilfan

M O'Driscoll

10 x Millenium Falcon

S Johnson

A Quillerou

C Eden

D Wagg

D Faccenda Tait

J Sheppard

J Kearton

S Reeve

R Wallis

J Edgell

We'll be contacting the 50 keyring winners over the next few days also. Thanks again for entering, although we're not sure we like you any more.

We wanted the Death Star.

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