February 26, 2021
Joe Aucott
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Lego Star Wars Giveaway 2021 - Winners

Thanks to everyone that took part!

At 4:30pm today (26th Feb) our 3 winners were chosen via RNG and we're happy to announce the lucky entrants are as follows:

3rd Place = Boba Fett Helmet - EthanS

2nd Place = AT-AT - PullenB

1st Place = Millennium Falcon - DavenportC

To everyone else, thanks for all your comments, jokes and quips. They were incredible and many (including the risque ones) were shared and enjoyed by us all.

We really appreciate the relationship we have with you all, your personality shines through during events like this and it makes us all proud to say we work with you. We'll keep you posted on our next giveaway in the coming months.

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