October 1, 2018
Haptic Networks
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Haptic Networks launch TrueNAS website

Of all the technology we work with, we've been more excited about TrueNAS than a large number of alternatives. We've partnered with iXsystems for over 2 years and are huge advocates for both FreeNAS and TrueNAS platforms.

TrueNAS has been instrumental in many of our storage solutions for the past few years. Today we've launched our latest technology micro site dedicated solely to TrueNAS.

For over twenty years, iXsystems has been the go-to company for storage and servers driven by Open Source, and they're also the developers of FreeNASĀ®. With unique convergence of hardware, software, and storage expertise, we bring you the award-winning TrueNAS flash-turbocharged enterprise-grade open storage platform, offering reliability and performance at a value unheard of in storage.

TrueNAS unifies storage access, grows to nearly 10PB in a rack, is available in hybrid and all-flash configurations, has features that let you move away from the cloud saving over 70% over AWS, and uses the ZFS file system to guarantee data stays pristine and safe.

If you would like to know more about TrueNAS or FreeNAS just ask, we have product demonstrations, in house storage and networking consultants as well as demonstration equipment for you to trial the solution.

read more about this incredible solution by clicking here

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