June 25, 2015
Haptic Networks
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Haptic Networks Joins Google Education Partner Program

Last week we had the privilege of being invited to Google’s UK HQ in London. Feeling somewhat like Charlie Bucket on his trip to Mr Wonka’s establishment explains our anticipation.

With Google’s focus on altering the conventional way in which users in Education and Business utilise mobile devices, we were a perfect fit for their Partner Program.

Sadly no oompa-loompas were present, although it’s fair to say they have an excellent work environment and they truly convey a solid passion and a keen eye for what the tech users in Education & Business really need. We were greeted by a superb team from across the world, all present (in casual attire, naturally) to sit and work with us to understand how their offerings can have the upmost effectiveness at improving staff and student experience.

Since the launch of Chromebooks from brands such as Acer, Toshiba, HP, DELL and Lenovo users have already seen the benefits of the light, cost effective and easy to use/share devices. As a Google authorised reseller we at Haptic are enabled to provide the one off Chrome Management License to Education for just £19 per device (ex VAT)

We also offer a full deployment service, working with you to make the process of deployment and support as easy as taking the Chromebooks out of the box and handing directly to staff/students.

We have an extensive range of Chromebooks to hand for demo purposes, ask us for your free trial and we’ll arrange one for you. Likewise if you’d like to know more about Google’s offerings, let us know. Whether it’s a call, email, webinar or visit you’d prefer, we can arrange it.

Read more about Chromebooks here

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