November 21, 2019
Joe Aucott
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Haptic Networks Google Learning Festivals are "much better than school"

Google learning festival
Google learning festival

by Darrell Raynard, Cloud Services Specialist

If you don't know what a Google Learning Festival is, it's an education programme created to help end-users understand the power of Chromebooks in the classrooms and see the impact on the real users of the technology - the learners.

After seeing teachers and leadership staff coming to other IT channel events and being talked 'at' all day, with no context or application being delivered to them, we identified the gap in getting the message and value across to the learners and BANG! - the Haptic Networks Google Learning Festivals were born.

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Friday, 8 November 2019:

" It's not often I'm excited to be out my front door in the freezing cold at 5:30 am, but today was another one of our Google Learning Festivals at the awesome Google reference school Aylesbury High School. So with my other half's travel mug “borrowed” and not nearly enough coffee in it I was merrily on my way.

09:00: After wrestling with the slightly frustrating marketing stand, and getting a superb amount of support from Caroline and the team at Aylesbury High School, the kids and their teachers started to file in. Everyone collected there own Wonde magic badge and sat at one of the 4 colour coded desks in front of a Lenovo 300e Chromebook for them to use for the tasks at hand.

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We told everyone to login using the Wonde badge by holding it up to the camera and in the words of one of the kids, Boom I'm in, that was easy!. After a brief play around with Google experiments, our Google guides, Hardeep and Joe from Tablet Academy UK, got everyone started on the tasks:

  • Maths & Computing - Cracking Codes and Logic Puzzles.
  • Geography - Creating an eBook about Volcanoes with Book Creator.
  • Music - Making and mixing music with Soundtrap.
  • Literacy - Creating an environment from a book and Exploring it in VR using CoSpaces.
  • Portfolio of Learning - Taking everything from the day and creating a Google site to document it.

All of the tasks and resources were distributed to students using Google Classroom, with instructions in Google sites. Learners were allowed to work at their own pace and explore the tools independently and with their peers.

I'm always in awe of the feedback and soundbites we get from teachers and learners who come to these events, you can see for yourself from the video testimonials included in this blog why we love doing them.

Click here to view the Youtube video

In summary, today we hosted 50 learners from Years 6 - 8 and there wasn't a moment in the day where they were disengaged or looked to be at a loss with the technology.

The Haptic Networks Google Learning Festivals are always well-received, senior leaders and learners alike are inspired and excited about the possibilities available to them, and I have a fulfilling day at the office. "

Till next time,

Darrell Raynard

Cloud Services Specialist

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