June 22, 2018
Haptic Networks
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Google Chrome 'Not Secure' Warning

Is your website secured? It may be time to check......

The upcoming Google Chrome update due for release in July will begin to display a warning that non HTTPS sites (unsecured HTTP sites without a valid SSL certificate) are 'not secure'

(notice our nifty green padlock in the URL bar, if your website is lacking one of these it may be time to take action!)

In the wake of all things GDPR, companies are now acutely aware of the need for added security. The updates to Chrome demonstrate Google's campaign for a more secure web experience.

Haptic are here to help you should you need assistance, here's our checklist below to ensure your site is secured:

  1. Add a free Let's Encrypt SSL certificate for all live domains
  2. Select to "Secure all URLs" on your primary domain to enforce HTTPS on your full website

You can read more about chromebooks at our dedicated chrome microsite 

If you'd like some guidance or advice please click this link and use this form to contact us and we'll be happy to help

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