June 9, 2016
Haptic Networks
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Google brings Android Play Store to Chrome

Google recently announced excellent news for users of Android and Chrome.

The Android app store, Play, will soon be arriving to Chrome OS, this means that Chromebooks will soon be able to run the majority of the 1.5 million+ Android apps currently in existence.

The news brings a lot more functionality to Chromebooks. Users will be able to just click on the Play Store icon on their Chromebook dock and search for apps exactly like they would on an Android device.

It's also excellent news for app developers, who will be able to reach more users in different ways. Android is the world’s leading mobile operating system, whereas Chrome is making fantastic progress as the go-to operating system for Education and Office mobile devices.

This is certainly big news for Chromebooks and makes them even more appealing. Chrome OS and Android will remain as two distinct entities, but they share everything that matters. And will only serve to help increase demand for both types of operating system and their associated devices.

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