May 6, 2014
Haptic Networks
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Are you eligible for up to £3000 of Govt funding for Broadband?

We were surprised about BBC Oxford’s report that a £3.1m government grant to help firms in Oxford access superfast broadband has received just two applications.

The Connection Vouchers scheme is open to businesses with fewer than 250 workers and offers up to £3,000 to cover connection costs. Haptic is a registered supplier to the BDUK connection vouchers scheme across the UK.

With a better broadband connection, businesses can increase their efficiency, improve customer service, boost sales and productivity and grow the business. In the technological age that we live and work in, connectivity is key to the way businesses operate – how much time do staff waste waiting for web pages to load? How reliant are businesses on email? Or sending and receiving large files?

Businesses that want to invest in a faster, better broadband connection can get a free broadband Connection Voucher up to the value of £3,000 to cover the upfront connection costs. The scheme is easy with businesses having to get one quote from a registered supplier such as Haptic and complete a simple application form.
See for details about the scheme or use our contact form to see what broadband options are available to you.

What will the Connection Voucher pay for?
A BDUK Connection Voucher can be used towards the cost of making the physical connection of faster broadband service to your business premises. The Connection Voucher will cover costs from between £250 and £3000. It cannot be used to pay for monthly rental or for any IT equipment and it cannot pay for the VAT.

What types of business broadband service are available?
The purpose of the voucher is to meet the full or the significant part of the directly incremental costs of connecting SME’s to commercially deployed access infrastructure to enable customers to obtain high speed service.
Suppliers can provide customers with a ‘step change’ in service, which can be achieved through the provision of a new superfast connectivity using NGA networks (including wired or wireless technologies) or the provision of business grade connectivity (leased line).

Do I qualify?
• Business need to fit the official definition of an SME (*small or medium enterprise) ie SME, Charity or Social Enterprise with less than 250 employees an annual turnover less than 50 million Euros/approx. £41m and/or an annual balance sheet not exceeding 43 million Euros/approx £35m
• They need to have a post code that is in one of the superconnected cities
• The connection costs more than £250
• The connection is to a business premises
• The contract is for a minimum of 6 months
• The service is capable of delivering 30Mbps or higher – there are some detailed requirements on speed in the guidance notes
• Applications must be complete before 31 March 2015 and the contract must be signed before this date
• You need to use one of the officially appointed suppliers such as Haptic.

How can I apply?
You need to visit SME’s must get two quotes for a similar kind of service from different suppliers as part of the application process. SME’s are not obliged to take the cheapest quote and may take the quote that they consider best meets their business needs.

Haptic and BDUK Connection Vouchers
Our team is here to provide advice on the broadband options available to businesses. To find out more contact us.

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