January 21, 2015
Haptic Networks
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Announcement: The Yammer Customer Network is moving.

The team here at Haptic use Yammer on a daily basis, the ability to share, post and discuss topics and content has aided collaborative work and feedback considerably. As Yammer continues to evolve we'll be keeping you notified of all the major changes when they occur.

Over the last 12 months, the Yammer Customer Network (YCN) has continued to grow around the world and across the Office 365 productivity family. More and more organisations have begun to embrace Enterprise Social as part of a broader workplace modernisation effort. Conversations in the YCN have started to follow suit, and we want to better support that expanded scope. As 2015 kicks off, YCN is ramping up with some exciting news to share with you.

At the end of February 2015, YCN will be moving the community to the Office 365 Network to create a single, diverse, global community of individuals seeking to transform how we all get work done using O365. More specifically this will:

• Drive better connections and learning for individuals and organizations across the various Office 365 technologies
• Avoid duplication of business value and adoption conversations currently happening across both networks
• Provide you with better access to product news and teams from across Office

Big news! Rest assured that the YCN team is dedicated to making this transition as smooth as possible. They are committed to ensuring that the knowledge, experience, and spirit of the YCN lives on and are confident that this transition will accelerate growth and enrich the sense of community you experience every day inside the O365 Network.

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